Cover for upcoming album (Feedback please!)

March 24th, 2009

nitro2k01 - Lost Tracks (Album cover)

Draft of the cover for an upcoming EP. The story behind this cover is that I lost all the data on my SD card (DS running Lameboy DS/LSDj) in June 2008. FInally, I’m getting around releasing the few songs I actually recorded before the crash. The SD card depicted is the one that contained my songs. (I’m keeping it in case I can restore it somehow, some day) As you’ll notice, the picture is made with a “hand-drawn” technique where I use a photo as a guide but draw everything with my own hands.

Please leave feedback here (or on 8bc)

5 Responses to “Cover for upcoming album (Feedback please!)”

  1. reiyano says:

    I like. reminds me of when I lost all my songs from my M3 lite. something like 30 plus hours of work gone and forgotten. sad stuff. love my usb cart!

  2. ale/pepino says:

    Reminds me of work redone “while still fresh”. Man that is tiring.
    The result is cute, too. I like it.

  3. Gamma Goblin says:

    I made some quick edits as I was thinking along the lines data corruption, so I added some pseudo-glitching…


    Here’s an alternative in monochrome (which was actually the original)…


    Finally, another alternative in green to match your blog :)


    Let me know if anything takes your fancy, or if it gives you some new ideas :)

  4. Gamma Goblin says:

    Not sure those links are working right. In case theres a problem, just go to my post here:

    [Riemann's Cut]

  5. Mr Tomczak says:

    i like it.

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