Gameboy rocking in Tanto

April 16th, 2007

Yesterday, (Saturday) me and my brother brought his mobile sound system outside to celebrate the spring with music. It’s basically a wheelbarrow with two speakers, a bunch of motorcycle batteries and an amp. And cable with a 3.5 mm plug suitable for any audio source like an mp3 player or Gameboy (Hehe)
We went to Tantolunden, a pretty big field in the outskirts of Stockholm, where alot of kids hang out during spring and summer. When I plugged in my Gaemboy (Which has internal lights, as you may know) people went crazy. They wondered where the hell the sound came from, and they were even more amazed by the vast geekiness behind a transparent machines, numbered 1787568 and 1787569.
There was one minor annoyance, the police showed up. But the swedish police has a soft surface. (Not that they can’t beat people up just like any other police force, but they try to be friendly with the kids) They hung around for an hour so, really only to make sure we kept the volume of the sound down, because some of the people in the houses around the area had complained.

Anyway, here are some pics form the night, courtesy of Rasmus Fleischer. If you have more pictures from the night, give me a shout.

Me, my brother and the sound system Me and a girl Me and a closeup of the soundsystem Uncle blue coming to take a look

More pics from the night