Flash cartridge friendly versions of PixelH8’s GB tools

July 20th, 2012

Here’s a quickie: PixelH8’s Gameboy tools are known to crash when used on a real Gameboy with flash cartridges. The cause of this is a simple programming mistake that I was able to fix easily, so here are patched versions of the four Gameboy ROMs.

http://gbdev.gg8.se/files/musictools/PixelH8/ (Click pixelh8-fixed.zip)

Out of the tools, I personally find Deathray to be the most interesting, as it can create some harsh and unique tones that are worse than Shitwave.

If you happen to own one of the originally released cartridges, I’m interested in knowing if there’s a difference between the “free” versions and the retail version. Or even a ROM dump.