Fluid Sculpture

April 10th, 2009

Fluid Sculpture from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.

This sculpture, which is made out of medical tubing, reminds me of a braided basket more than anything else. Before the fluid is inserted, that is. Because that’s the briliant part, by inserting well controlled pulses of fluid in different colours you create a beautiful moving patterns. (Because of the way the tubes are arranged, repeating the same sequence of pulses will create interesting patterns in the sculpture)
Longer pulses of coloured fluid will look like drawing a line, whereas shorter pulses will look like little ants crawling along the tube.

Little-scale, I have a feeling you’ll like this one. ;)

Through GammaGoblin.

Shitwave - A PRNG based drone generator for Gameboy

March 23rd, 2009

Shitwave vis 1 Shitwave vis 2
Little-scale recently posted All 4-bit Waveforms That Have 32 Samples, a Max patch that would generate all possible wave frames that could be used with LSDj, given gazillions years. However, the result was a little boring because it would start out as a 1/32 PWM and slowly progress towards a longer and longer PWM. Even within many years, chances are you’d still have a very low duty PWM.
So I decided to find an algorithm that would produce more interesting sounds and still cycle through all 1632 possibilities. My choice was a pseudo random number generator using a linear feedback shift register. Actually not completely unlike the one in the Gameboy’s noise generator.
However, where the GB’s generator goes through a small number of states, and the buffer constitutes one sample, I’m using the full 16 bytes (32 samples) used in the Gameboy’s wave channel as my shift register. (Equivalent of one frame in the LSDj softsynth)
The shift register is a regular Fibonacci where the two topmost bits are xor’d with each other and shifted in at the bottom. The program is written in spaghetti style hardcore assembly language and the code is 256 bytes big. (The file header is another 80 bytes. So all in all, the program is 336 bytes.) The rest of the 32 kB is zeros, so there’s room for additional functionality. (Suggestions, anyone?)
The visuals are showing the currently playing waveform. The background pattern for the visuals are generated with a simple xor algorithm to make it appear random.

Unfortunately I don’t have a camera with a microphone, or even editing software that can handle the non-standard MOV file that my DSC gives me. So the audio is recorded separately from the video.


Shitwave  by  nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

Video: (No sound :( )

And last but not least… The ROM for those who dare and desire to try the program themselves.
shitwave1.zip (637 bytes, zip)
A and B (Or left and right) controls the type of visualization used. Select (Or up) re-seeds the PRNG. Preferably, run this program on real hardware, not in an emulator. If you must use an emulator, use no$gmb.

Oh, the name “Shitwave”? I mispelled “Shiftwave” when creating the folder for the project, and then I decided it was a fitting name.
shitwave in BGB

Shitwave in a hex editor

Keep it looping - Gail Trimble

March 8th, 2009

This started off as a joke, and still is. Gamma Goblin, who has a secret crush on Gail Trimble, University Challenge mastermind, took a picture of her when the show was airing. That picture ended up on a Facebook Gail Trimble hater group. BBC picked it up and broadcasted it on the news. Gmma Goblin took a screenshot. I took a photo of his screenshot. He made a video zooming out from pixels up to the view of his screen.
All while Corpus Christi, Gail’s team in the contest, got disqualified. The circle is closed. And it just keeps looping.

Ewa Nomnemagama

February 5th, 2009

Awesome abstract audiovisual art. Moar available at fividtelefuzzerator’s Youtube profile.


agamemnon counterpart

Oomper Oomper (forward version)t

Felix’s Machines composition 02-2007 - Mechanical automaton

January 16th, 2009

Wonderful little composition performed using solenoids.

Photoshop Billboards (Street Art)

January 15th, 2009

Photoshop Billboards Berlin - Overview

Photoshop Billboards - Britney Spears Photoshop Billboards - Leona Lewis Photoshop Billboards - Christina Aguilera

Photoshop Billboards - Don't Forget

I’ve recently talked about how you can have fun with video billboards, but you can have fun with regular billboards too, as these Berliners show. The theme is Photoshopping of female singers, demonstrated by overlaying the billboard for Britney Spears, leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera with a Photoshop interface. The layers are called things like ****Consume****, Eyes 2C, “Tits da Bitch!”.
To me this is what street art is about: bringing consciousness to the public through the use of satire, and criticizing society through the use of unauthorized art.

Made by Epoxy, Mr Talion, Baveux & Kone. Watch the full set.

Perler Bead Christmas Crib

December 25th, 2008

Perler Bead Christmas Crib - Joseph And Maria Perler Bead Christmas Crib - Three Wise Men

Perler Bead Christmas Crib - Star Of Bethlehem Perler Bead Christmas Crib - An Angel

Perler Bead Christmas Crib - Weird Object Perler Bead Christmas Crib - Blob and URL

This is the Christmas myth told in Perler Beads. Found in the tunnel under Årstabron, near Tantolunden in Stockholm, Sweden. Apparently made by Los Fulanos.
Perler Beads are getting more popular, and so is pixel art. Coincidence? I think not!

Fun with NYC video billboards

December 10th, 2008

Can video billboards normally displaying advertising be transformed into art? Three artists agree they can. These billboards are placed allover NYC at subway stations, and apart from spreading commercial messages, they make perfect light sources for unauthorized art.

The Pixelator is IMO the most innovative of the three. By using a grid of walls and diffusion gel, you get a live pixel effect on any TV screen.

Light criticism by Anti-Advertising Agency and Graffiti Research Lab is using the billboards as a light source by covering it with a board with message cut out. The messages are anti-commercial, like NYC’s TRUE GRAFFITI PROBLEM, GRAFFITI and GRAFFITI = ADVERTISING
You should check out the rest of Graffiti Research Lab’s projects as well.

The idea of the The Abstractor is to mask out everything shown on the screen but a thin horizontal line, and so make an abstract subset of the TV image.

Click on any of these links for a better description and instructions how to build that project. Each link also contains videos of the project in action.

Through: Project October

Gameboy Art by Tom Markey

November 24th, 2008

Gameboy art by Tom Markey

Tom Markey
I wouldn’t exactly call it a series yet. More of just tests or samples, but i can’t stop doing work involving them so maybe very large series on the way?

Drawings. Other artsy lo-fi stuff. That’s what Tom Markey is doing. And some LSDj tunes. Go check it out.

Electronic components (Pictures)

November 2nd, 2008

Before my local shop electronic components, Labb Elektronik, (RIP) shut down, they gave away free bags with random stuff. These pictures are the result of sorting the components in these bags. Most of it is pretty useless for what I want to do, apart from building tube circuitry, where the capacitors and high wattage resistors might be useful. But some of the things are pure eye candy!

Each picture has a title attribute - hover an image to see a tooltip, or click it to go to its flickr page.

I fixed my headphones with these orange wires Old school high wattage resistors

Plastic capacitors Capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors IC chips