The Website Is Down! (Funny Video)

June 27th, 2008

This is the story of the sysadmin who played games during work hours, got called up by incompetent colleagues and took down the website. Seriously funny shit!

New Myspace profile for nitro2k01!

June 27th, 2008

Finally I’ve started a new Myspace profile. This one has music, unlike my old one ( This new has a bunch of 8-bit style delicious animated gifs and lies and deception of the caek magnitude!

So check it out! And add me! Add me! FFS, add me!
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Belief and non-belief in a theocentric society

June 24th, 2008

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time, and TheAmazingAtheist on Youtube was spot on his latest video.

As an outspoken atheist I am subjected to an inordinate amount of nonsensical loaded questions with fallacious premises. My beliefs regarding God are also constantly the focus of very strange and unfounded assumptions, often the result of simple ignorance but also quite frequently the result malicious distortions made utterly knowingly by those in positions of authority purportedly derived from the divine.

To address all such loaded questions and bizarre assumptions in a single video would be a task too great for any one atheist, even with my “old school” director’s account, which enables me to post videos exceeding ten minutes in length. However, there are two recurring bits of abominable miscomprehension that are in dire need of addressing.

The first is the misnomer of “non-believer” that we atheists all-too-often hear and all-too-often accept. I daresay many of us wear it as something of a badge of honor, but the term contains within it a tacit admission of a theocentric world. Atheists, like all other people, believe and disbelieve in a great number of things. I personally believe in concepts freedom and truth and beauty and all that jazz. I also believe in concretions like the blueness of the sky or the texture of a stucco ceiling. I disbelieve in concepts like fascism and religion and two wrongs make a right. I disbelieve in purported concretions like Santa Claus and Goblins. I disbelieve in God both as a concept and a purported concretion.

So, I am both a believer and a non-believer. It merely depends on the context, the subject, the narrative. If the subject is Santa Claus as a concept, then I am a believer. If the subject is Santa Claus as a purported concretion, then I am a non-believer.
To accept the label of non-believer without any contextual clues or any predefined subject as non-belief in God by default is to give the concept undue credence. By admitting the God question so important that belief or non-belief in him trumps all other beliefs or non-beliefs is to give him undue importance. For “believer” to be the center of a Christian’s identity is perfectly sensible and sensical, but for “non-believer” to be the center of an atheist identity is ridiculous outside of the context of debating theists. We are atheists. Atheist is a word which means that we lack a belief in deities—and that’s all it should or shall ever mean. Whether or not we are non-believers should always depend on the context of the word and if the word is without context we should not acknowledge it as meaning anything. The next time you are called a non-believer, you’re response should be, “A non-believer in what?”

The second of the inglorious sophistries I’ve made this video in hopes of correcting is this silly notion that atheists have rejected God. Now, of course we have rejected God as a concept or an idea, just as most of us with good sense reject communism and dictatorships. We have not, however, rejected God in the sense that one rejects a parent who was never there or a friend who betrayed us. We don’t believe in God, and to reject him in that sense, belief in him is an absolute prerequisite.

Certain theists believe, even after being corrected on this point, that we are deceiving ourselves—that we genuinely do believe in God, but reject him because we want to be able to free ourselves from his will. In other words, we disbelieve in him so that we can disobey him.

This argument holds no water for one simple reason. No idea, regardless of how vile or wicked it might be, has suffered from the idea of being divinely willed. Hitler claimed to be the chosen of God. Albert Fish, who cannibalized children, was a devout Christian who believed that angels would have intervened to save his victims if God had thought his crimes wrong. If we really wanted to do evil, God would not stand in our way—we could make him condone it, just as Christian Scientists make him condone not-treating disease and the Opus Dei sect of Catholics make him condone self-mutilation. God’s will is largely controlled, for all practical purposes, by the will of his believers. And if atheists really wanted to do whatever they wanted, they’d not bother with atheism—they would just say that God approved of whatever behaviors they indulged in.

We don’t believe in God because there is no pressing reason to believe in God. It’s really quite simple and requires little in the way of further explanation.

George Carlin is Dead!

June 23rd, 2008

George Carlin - now dead

It has come to my attention that one of our time’s most influential comedians, George Carlin has passed away due to a cardiovascular failure, at the age of 71. That funny motherfucker, I reckon his name was George Carlin, has died from a heart attack. The world is now a bit less funny place.

Watch this if you don’t know who he is!

Best CAPTCHA ever!

June 19th, 2008

As it seems, CAPTCHAs with cats and dogs are all the rage on sites providing copyrighted material. While Rapidshare wants you to enter the letters equipped with cats (Swedish link) rather than those with dogs, Waffles wants you to select the actual cats. (Although they only do it if you guess your password wrong a couple of times) I somehow found this to be the most awesome CAPTCHA in a long, long time!

Best CAPTCHA Ever!

If you’re looking for a perfect antispam plugin for Wordpress, Hashcash is your choice.

Stoppa FRA-lagen - Remix av Blogge’s 198FRA

June 16th, 2008

Blogge Bloggelito gjorde en video om det kommande lagförslaget som remixade Apple’s reklamfilm “1984″ för att skapa underbar politisk satir ang. FRA-lagen som den kallas. Hans satir var nästan lika underbar som Döda politiska karriärers sällskap som spinner på samma spår men har en mer positiv inställning.

Blogge gjorde två versioner med olika musik, en med Megadeth-musik och en med musik av Alicia Keys. Jag bestämde mig för att göra en variant med min låt nuracl, som passade snuskigt bra. Inte bara fångar den den dystopiska stämningen utan med en liten tidsförskjutning på en sekund så visade den sig vara väl tidssynkad också.

Men eftersom Youtube valde att knulla mig i röven och inte tillåta mig att ladda upp videor med hög ljudkvalitet med det trick som tidigare lät en undgå Youtube’s konvertering och t ex ladda upp videor med stereo så fick den hamna på Vimeo istället.

198FRA (Chip remix) from Gameboy Genius on Vimeo.

The Quest For Red Diamond (NitroTracker song)

June 15th, 2008

NitroTracker logo

<3 <3 <3

I present to you my first XM created with NitroTracker, called The Quest For Red Diamond. It’s a remake of an LSDj tune but it ended becoming a whole new song. It consists almost solely of samples that I’ve synthesized myself. (The hi-hat and snare were taken from som kit, the rest is by me)

Download the XM (For NitroTracker)
Listen to the song on 8bitcollective (MP3)

I recommend you to only play the XM in NitroTracker. NT’s volume envelopes are a bit different from those of regular XM players, so some of the instruments will sound a bit tacky if played with anything but NitroTracker.

Now I’m just hoping for some feature requests for NitroTracker to come true, mainly stereo playback.
Oh, NitroTracker isn’t related to me, but got it’s name from the code name for Nintendo DS, which was Nitro. ou can still see a trace of this in that the model number for the original NDS is NTR-001.

Stoppa FRA-lagen! (Swedish post)

June 15th, 2008

This post is in Swedish and concerns a Swedish bill of legislation that would potentially give the government access to just about all internet traffic in Sweden, without the need of a court order or a specific crime suspicion.

Stoppa FRA-lagen

Utifall att du har missat det så kommer riksdagen den 18 juli att rösta om den s.k. FRA-lagen. Det är en lag som syftar till att legalisera de lagbrott som redan utförs av FRA.

Om förslaget går igenom får FRA rätt att filtrera all kabelbunden trafik som går över landets gränser. (T ex telefoni och internet-trafik) Tvärtemot vad man kan tro går även en stor del av “inrikes-trafiken” en tur ut ur landet och kan således övervakas om förslaget går igenom.

Förslaget sägs skydda mot “yttre hot”, men ingenstans finns en konkret beskrivning av vad dessa hot består i. Och ingenstans beskrivs det hur övervakningen faktiskt ska skydda landet. (De som kan tänkas utgöra dessa “yttre hot” har nog redan idag självbevarelsedrift nog att kryptera sin trafik)

Det finns en stor risk för ändamålsglidning när lagen väl har genomförts och övervakningsutrustningen finns på plats. Ge den 5 år och jag är övertygad om att den kommer att användas för att fånga musikpirater på order av STIM och RIAA.

Onsdag 18 juni sker omröstningen i riksdagen. 8.00 på morgonen samma dag sker en demonstration utanför riksdagshuset till försvar för den personliga integriteten. Endast fyra ytterligare nej-röster behövs för att sänka förslaget.
Jag kommer vara där och visa mitt stöd. Du är också välkommen!

Stoppa FRA-lagen (Info-sida)
Tal av Rickard Falkvinge (Ledare för Piratpartiet)
Blogge Bloggelito’s post ang. “Bloggbävningen” kring FRA-lagförslaget

Pythagoras Switch, my first full episode

June 11th, 2008

Up until today I’ve only seen this awesome collection of incredible machines, but today I saw my first full episode of the show. I wonder what, say USA would be like if there were more children’s shows like this one.
I don’t know Japanese to any useful level yet, but I’m actually noticing that I can hear words hear and there, so that’s cool. I still need to learn kana properly.

Oh, and here’s my own little tribute to the show: :D

Message of love - can you see the dolphins? (Optical illusion)

June 10th, 2008

Message of Love from the Dolpins (Message d'Amour des Dauphins)
Have you ever seen this picture? It’s “Message of Love from the Dolpins” (Message d’Amour des Dauphins) which is an optical illusion (Or rather “optical delusion”) by Swiss artist Sandro Del-Prete. I you look at the vase you’ll probably agree that it depicts a man holding and kissing a woman from behind. What if I told you that the image in fact depicts a number of dolphins?
In fact it depicts both - it’s all a matter of how your brain interprets it. Kids, who are “inexperienced” tend to see the dolphins. Grownups tend to see the loving couple, Some grownups can’t even see the dolphins if they try really hard.
It’s all about what the brain expects and knows. If you know how to see a certain pattern, you’re more likely to see that pattern.

For those of you who still can’t see the dolphins, here’s a version of the image with outlines to help you out. I encourage you to look at the images side by side to help train your brain.

Here are a couple of other links of interest: (Might mindfuck you a bit ;) )