New vinyls: Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir and Quarta330 - Sunset Dub

November 4th, 2008


Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir
Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir

Quarta330 - Sunset Dub / Kode9 - Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)
Quarta330 - Sunset Dub / Kode9 - Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)


Cat#: WARP161LP
Side A: Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir.
Star Time 2, The Coathanger, Open Society, A Real Woman, Delta-V, Aqueduct, Potential Govaner
Side B: Planet Gear, Tensor In Green, The Glass Road, Fluxgate, Duotone Moonbeam, Quadrature, Yes Sequitur

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Cat#: HDB007 (Hyperdub)
Artist: Quarta330
Side A: Sunset Dub
Side AA: Kode9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)

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Despite my quite cynical and widely misunderstood (Boohoo) review of this album, I knew from the start I just needed to get it on wax. And as promised in that post, I did. :) Sunset Dub is Gameboy dub by the Japanese virtuoso Quarta330. This one was actually cut so deep and loud that I almost didn’t need speakers, hehe.

Backseat vinyls are for jazz musicians!

December 20th, 2007

I won’t be on the V4 of the noise vinyl. The full story may follow, but instead I decided to treat myself to some delicious wax from backseat recordings. What I have here is three vinyls from Mortimer T, (Lukas Nystrand, my favourite MOD musician) Orlingo and Willbe, all three are talented Amiga tracker musicians who produce moodful jazzy mods.
If you want to have your own copy of these fresh things (Who wouldn’t?) you can order your own copies at They’re a small label, and they need all the support they can to be able to do future releases. (Maybe one day, I’ll release there too, who knows)

Mortimer T - Ageema Blues (Gray vinyl)
Mortima T
Side A: Ageema Blues
Side B: Street Beat

Orlingo - One Time Too Much (Orange semi-transparent vinyl)
Side A: One time too much
Side B: So Damn Fresh


Willbe - Monsieur B (Green vinyl)
Side A: Monsieur B
Side B: Match


Also take a close look at Orlingo’s disc. (The orange one) Do you see that it’s semi-transparent? ^_^

Oh, I almost forgot. In the envelope, there was also two stickers:
Willbe - Monsieur B (Green vinyl)
The URL says which is a netradio for netlabel music.
Speaking of which… Lukas also released a song by that name. It’s available here along with the rest of his mods.

Noise Vinyl arrived today!

July 24th, 2007

As I’ve mentioned before, I submitted a loop to the Noise Vinyl project. The disc is a so calles locked groove disc, in other words a disc with a number of loops going forever, rather than a continuous track with a beginning and an end. The noise vinyl project is a community project where several artists contribute. My contribution is Gameboy loop, not surprisingly.
Today my vinyls finally arrrived, after a little fuck-up where my friend who helped me with paypal used an old home address of his. The package floated around in Linköping for a few weeks before going back to USA for a final trip to me.
Their vinyls come in tasty colors. I got two red ones, one orange and one black. I imagine there are yet other colors too.

The Noise Vinyl v3 is for sale to the public now!

Here are some pics:
My Noise Vinyls
My noise records and a few other random items. Me staging a photo?? Nooononono!

Red Noise Vinyl on record player
The red hot record playing my loop

The rubber duck “Kommandotolken” (The wF mascot) and my Skullcandy headphones.

Me, (nitro2k01) "kommandotolken&quote; and redboy
Here we have me, mr rubber duck again, and my precious Redboy!

Minimalizm locked groove vinyl released to the public

April 15th, 2007

Noise Vinyl logo

The Minimalizm Noise Vinyl v3 is a locked groove vinyl project. A locked groove vinyl is a vinyl disc where every track keeps looping. The disc has a number of circles, one for each loop, rather than a long spiral.
The aim of the project is to do community pressings, where every artist makes a loop for the vinyl and orders a few copies to pay their share of the production. My contribution to the project is a Gameboy loop. As a bonus, you get a house track by LeAndre from Paris, and the 53 loops from minimalizm v2 on the B side.
The original minializm v2 pressing was pressed in 100 copies which were quickly sold out. Because of this high interest minimalizm v3 is now available to the public. By buying one or more copies of the vinyl, you support the project and ensure there will be a 4th vinyl when the time comes.