Swedish Fish Commercial 2008

October 11th, 2008

Swedish Fish. A friend you can eat!


When you see it… (Wii commmercial)

September 30th, 2008

...you'll shit bricks

Click the brick to see the commercial. Have some patience, and watch the whole thing!

Oh Nine, Eff Nine (And a long lost dutch commercial)

May 4th, 2007

This is a lazy post with two youtube videos.
The first one is another take on the 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 business. (Google has 889000 results today as opposed to 290000 yesterday. I’ll have a daily watch to see it grows)
It’s a little ballad to honor the numbers. Let’s see how long it’ll stay on youtube before the MPAA orders a takedown of the video.
Original source: Rocketboom blog

On a related note, I found this delicious link in their bookmarks heap: ANT SCOTT (Glitch art)

And the other one is a commercial that a friend told me about ages ago. I couldn’t find it back then but now I did of a co-incidence.
It’s a dutch banned commercial where a family sits down in their car, turn on the radio and hear a song that says “I wanna fuck you in the ass”. The family, unaware of what the lyrics mean, just keeps on rocking to the song. The commercial, as you might’ve figured, for an English teaching company. (Sorry for not censoring the F word, but I want people who may be searching for it to be able to find it.)

Masturbating Gameboy!?!

April 23rd, 2007

This is a weird little thing that I stumbled across during today’s random browsing. A Christmas ad with a (cartoon) kid in the shape of a Gameboy who wants a gift card so he can buy all the games he doesn’t dare to ask santa about. And in the end he makes some moves that suggests fapping. Hilarious.
Video link
I originally found this on TheBBPS.com, so pay them a visit!