Figma - Drossel von Flügel

February 16th, 2010

This is an absolutely gorgeous Figma figure of Drossel von Flügel of Fireball. I love everything about her, the body shape, the details, how she stands on her own and how Miku’s leeks fits perfectly into her hands. ^_^
The catch? She’s not mine… ._.
Being poor cheap poor and lacking that real obsession about figures I haven’t ventured into it. (The fact that my workspace is filled with junk and isn’t very tidy also suggests it might not be the right hobby for me) But I do love the appearance of them and the least I can do is repost pictures of other people’s figures when I get the chance. These lovely pictures are taken by Meimi132.

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Anime Wallpapers (Asuka Langley from Evangelion)

December 11th, 2008

Asuka Wallpaper

Thanks to this picture by Ignatz I found this wallpaper by this artist. (<- Click that link for more)
I usually use a plain black background instead of wallpapers. (Opera is covering the screen most of the times anyway) But I felt that I needed a change, so I’m using this wallpaper instead. :)

Cencoroll - New awesome looking animé with chippy theme song

September 24th, 2008

Watch on Youtube

I found this during my random Youtube explorations. What first caught my attention was the chippy theme song. The second thing that caught my attention was the smooth, detailed animation and apocalyptic monster scenes. From the little pieces of information I could gather from the video and the Babelfish translation, it’s about monsters with some mechanical functions/abilities that invade the earth all of a sudden, not totally unlike Evangelion. Don’t quote me on the details though.
Some form of apocalyptic technospiritualism probably. Which is what the Japanese are best at, aren’t they?
For those who are wondering what the Youtube title says: センコロール(トレーラー)/動画革命東京. The first portion is Katakana and describes English words: Cencoroll (Trailer) and the second portion is Kanji for Anime Innovation Tokyo. (The production company)

Wikipedia says the series was expected to be released in 2008, and the official site was last updated in 2006. Hopefully there will be news soon. Ureshii team, if you see this, please consider subbing this animé!

Dennou Coil 24

December 19th, 2007

The meaning of these pictures should come easy to anyone who has seen episode 24 of Dennou Coil.
Big thanks Ureshii!

Dennou Coil 21

December 2nd, 2007

This comment over at Ureshii got so long that I decided to make a blog post out of it.
If you wonder where to get the shows mentioned, and what they are, check here:
Dennou Coil
Ghost Hound
As for Dexter, you can find it at tvtorrents.

Comment originally posted here

I’m not saying I waited long for this episode, but I managed to watch all the episodes of Hikaru no Go between DC20 and DC21. :p
Thanks for yet another great episode with a great sub!

jiru-kun: I think his question was rather why the convention was changed. I think that in earlier ep’s of DC, Ureshii kept the Japanese name order and the suffices. Before I gad gotten a feel for the language, I appreciated things being so close the native tongue as possible. Now I don’t mind really, but others might appreciate a more Japanese way of writing. I respect the subber’s work in either way though.

A question: Exactly what does the word coil mean here? I guess it’s not related to the English word for the electronic component?
A little side note here. In Death Note, L once said he used the alias Erald Coil. Back then I reacted to the fact that L is the letter usually used in schematics to denote coils. It is very possible that the creator of DN had this in mind.
Now I’m seeing another reference, DC=Direct Current. (Which I don’t think was intentional from the DC Committee though)
So there you have it, a perfect example of the weird things going on in my brain!

Tomorrow is Ghost Hound tiem! Monday is Dexter time. (No, not an animé, but a great show nevertheless) And hopefully by Tuesday, a certain great fansub group will hopefully have another episode ready to be enjoyed.

Note to self: Update my Animé page and start watching Sola, Ergo Proxy and Rah Xephon. And Kyou No Go Ni! (Thank you lonetech)

Reminder to self: I probably shouldn’t watch more than 3 series at a time though

Ureshii needs your help! (QC and editors)

September 4th, 2007

I’m following Dennou Coil (Subbed by Ureshii) but lately they’ve been suffering from some delays due to lack of personnel. (Which is almost worse than C&D’s… :/ ) Dennou Coil is a children’s animé which has been described as “Cyberpunk for kids” and “Not cyberpunk, but not not cyberpunk” by different people. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, (Naruto, Bleach, blergh :p ) but I really like it.
I doubt people who read my blog are more likely than Ureshii’s readers to be what they’re looking for, but it’s worth a try. So if you think you can do animé quality check or editing, please contact Ureshii!

Death Note 37 - the end of it all

June 28th, 2007

Death Note has come to an end, and I managed to find a fansub this time too. I’m planning to post a few rants about DN37 and the series as a whole, but for now I’ll refrain from doing that, so I won’t spoil anything. (I’ll post my rants in a week or so)
Today’s fansub comes from Ruberia, and can be download through bittorrent here: Death Note 37

Now I’m downloading Appleseed, which I meant to see ages ago. I’m also waiting eagerly for Dennou Coil 06.

Death Note 36

June 22nd, 2007

I haven’t really blogged about animé yet, but I thought now was a good time. In case you haven’t heard the news: Viz has recently licensed Death Note in USA, and they’ve also sent C&D’s to various fansub groups, including Kuro-Hana and Animanda, meaning that they won’t (officially) be subbing Death Note episodes 36 and 37. (In the case of Animanda, a few more episodes as well, since they focus more on quality checking than KH and take longer to get the releases out)

So, knowing that DN36 was probably out by now, and eager to watch it, I looked at The Pirate Bay and to my surprise and joy I found three results. Two releases by a group called C&D (A reference to Viz’ letters sent to the subgroups subbing Death Note) and one by a group called Ben-KoR (Never heard of)
As it turned out, the release by Ben-KoR, and the one labeled v2 wre both fake. Instead they contained a documentary about the 9/11 attacks. /:
These two releases also had funny checksums in their torrent name. (Containing non-hex characters) My little conspiracy theory is that it’s Viz that uploaded these torrents to spoil the fun. If it had been some malicious teenager, the checksum would’ve looked ok, (Only hexes) and the file would’ve been a hardcore porn movie to rape people’s eyes and brains. ^_^

So, I’ll quit my yabbbering and give you the working link: Death Note 36.

My opoinions about the episode? It’s by far the best episode so far, but I won’t tell myuch about what happens in it, to avoid spoiling. I can tell you this much: This is the episode when Light and Near will finally meet, and it ends in a real cliffhanger. (What else is to expect when there’s only one episode left?)

Also I’ll take this opportunity to say that I’ve updated my site a little with a list of animés I’m watching. Check it out.