April 6th, 2007

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How to spell nitro2k01

My nick/artist name, nitro2k01, consists of a random word that I thought was cool in 2001 (nitro=a cool word?) and a weird way of writing the year. (2k01=2001) That is: letters nitro, numeral 2, letter k, numerals 01. All letters should be in lower-case, even in the beginning of a sentence.

If unsure, copy and paste from this box:

My nick can also legitimately be spelled as NITRO2KL or 2tronik01. When spelled it as NITRO2KL, all characters are UPPER-CASE letters, except the numeral 2. 2tronik01 should be spelled just like nitro2k01, just that the segments ni and 2 are interchanged
Whichever spelling you choose, be careful to obey the UPPER/lower-case conventions.

Here are a few incorrect spellings of my nick: nitro2, nitro2k, nitro2k1, nitro, Nitro2k01. (Note the uppercase N!)

ntiro2k01 is an accepted misspelling in informal contexts, (Not on posters or whatever) for the simple reason that I myself frequently misspell my nick that way.

“Saliga äro de som kan stava till 2k01!”

Contact: nitro2k01 at gmail dot com