October 28th, 2008

IRC quote from #8bc

21:42 <+Tristendo> I am starting a new genre core beat beast mode
21:42 < nitro2k01> core beat beast mode?
21:43 <+Tristendo> its basicly r&b

Vote for CombatDave’s Reckoner remix!

September 25th, 2008

Radiohead Reckoner RemixRadiohead has a remix contest. CombatDave made an awesome chip remix of it. You need to vote for it by clicking the + sign. (You won’t be sorry if you click the play button first though. ;) )

From #8bc:

02:18 < combatdave>
02:18 <@Dauragon> woot
02:18 < combatdave> guys PLEASE vote for
02:18 < combatdave> and get your mums and
                    sisters and aunties and
                    dogs to vote too
02:18 <@Dauragon> i wont if it SUCKS
02:19 <@Dauragon> aw man dave this is SAWEEEEEET

More Broccoli!

May 6th, 2008

Back once again with the IRC quotes. Do watch the video!
On a related note, I think a part of the Bee March melody resembles the classic Super Mario melody. Ok, it’s only a couple of notes, but I’m still wondering if that might be where Koji Kondo got his original spark of inspiration from… We might never know!

18:31 -!- CalmDownKidder []
          has joined #8bc
18:31 < _2tronik01> An
                    ocarina made from broccoli!!?!?!?!
18:32 <@Dauragon> :O
18:32 <@Dauragon> oh shit son
18:32 <@Dauragon> its CalmDownKidder
18:32 < CalmDownKidder> where?
18:32 < Inkoddi> I made a whistle from a carrot once
18:32  * CalmDownKidder looks around
18:34 < CalmDownKidder> a cucumber, when inserted into a person’s
                        bottom can produce all sorts of spectrums of
18:34 <@Dauragon> D:
18:35 < Inkoddi> broccoli is perfect for instrument making
18:35 < Inkoddi> since it is really dense
18:35 < Inkoddi> and quite hard
18:35 <+herr_prof> and has natural rythm
18:36 < CalmDownKidder> The “more cowbell” sketch was originally
                        “more broccoli”

I also hope none of that is ever quoted

April 6th, 2008

23:19 < Direwolf> but nitrotrack is actually gay
23:19 < Direwolf> u know u 2 wants to play munchkin with me ;)
23:21 < CalmDownKidder> nuh uh
23:22 < CalmDownKidder> I find it hard enough getting laid as it
23:22 < Direwolf> sex is borin :/
23:22 < Direwolf> killing your friends is fun :D
23:22 < Direwolf>
23:23 < combatdave> dude just said sex is boring
23:23 < combatdave> gettim
23:23 < combatdave> nitrotracker is definitely not gay
23:24 < Direwolf> it is :/  thought it would be decent but it
                  bites badly because its awkward to find sounds
                  to use
23:24 < Direwolf> some lads actually like/respect women:P
23:26 < Direwolf> I also hope none of that is ever quoted

Come here, Pluto

March 25th, 2008

During a discussion about the recent reclassification of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet:

14:38 <@nitro2k01> Let them have their fun if they want to
                   reclassify Pluto
14:38 < PDF_Format> allowing a circular deffinition to stand would
                    invite other ones
14:38 < PDF_Format> “matter is anything mattery”
14:38 <@Dauragon> Bahahaha
14:39 < PDF_Format> “what separates a rat from a mouse is that
                    rat/mouse barrier”
14:39 <@Dauragon> those textbooks would be GOLDEN
14:39 < PDF_Format> these are non deffinitions
14:39 < PDF_Format> ahaha
14:39 < PDF_Format> i’m gonna have to write one now
14:39 < PDF_Format> textbook for the post pluto world
14:39 <@Dauragon> haha

CDK jokes

March 16th, 2008

03:31 < xulthis> probably the best description
03:31 < xulthis> would be “erotic clam”
03:31 < yujie> Oyster with a Penis, that’d be a great band name!
03:31 <@nitro2k01> The “erotic clam down kidder”
03:31 < xulthis> hahaha
03:31 < xulthis> clamdownkidder? it’s catchy. i like
03:31 < yujie> nitro2k01: you’re just full of cdk jokes aren’t you?
03:32 < yujie> ;)
03:32 < xulthis> he’s been waiting for this opportunity yuj!
03:32 <@nitro2k01> yujie: cdk?
03:32 <@nitro2k01> Oh
03:32 < CalmDownKidder> When I start my next venture - chiptune
                        themed fish restaurant, I will
                        call it “ClamDown Kidder”
03:32 <@nitro2k01> First I thought you meant xkcd
03:32 < xulthis> oh man. next time you’re waiting for a
                        table at red lobster
03:33 < xulthis> give them the name “clamdownkidder”
03:33 < CalmDownKidder> “Clam Down Kidder - serving you Fish…
                        AND CHIPS”

IRC quotes till you vomit

March 12th, 2008

03:59 <@Dauragon> ASS2ASS!
03:59 < xulthis> lol
03:59 <@Dauragon> lol
03:59 <@justinton> lol
04:00 < xulthis> i swear that’s never going to go away! :D

It’s a tarp!

March 5th, 2008

Moar IRC quotes from #8bc!

04:21 < nordloef> i have been a teenage momm for 2 weeks and i
                  breast feed he plays with my nipple brandon just
                  likes milk i guess byr the way im 16
04:21 < Pdf|sadness> nordloef, you are a perv
04:21 < nordloef> comment on one of the vidoes above
04:22 < nordloef> not from me though
04:22 < nordloef> even though i wish i could have been a mother at 16
04:22 <@n0dl> nordloef is a teenage mother
04:23 < nordloef> didnt you know?
04:23 <@n0dl> nordloef: you told me I was the only one!
04:23 < nordloef> it was a trap


March 2nd, 2008

Quote of the day (or night) from #8bc.

04:48 < nitro2k01> Not only that! You imploded the universe!
04:48 < xulthis> well hold on there
04:48  * IAYD is a destroyer of internets and universes
04:48 < xulthis> dividing by zero does nothing technically
04:49 < xulthis> think about this
04:49 < nitro2k01> Oh the lawyer in you has come out
04:49 < xulthis> you have a pizza and divide it between zero people
04:49 < xulthis> the pizza remains, but theres nobody to eat it
04:49 < xulthis> dividing by zero SHOULD technically be the quanity
                 you started with
04:49 < xulthis> and dividing by zero simply does nothing
04:50 < xulthis> it’s no different than adding or subtracting zero
04:50 < xulthis> but
04:50 < xulthis> math fruitcakes will always argue that’s it

Let’s take about WoW baby!

February 22nd, 2008

12:31 < litebritedeath> WoW makes DnD nerds look like pimps