Gradual Decline - A quick Gameboy glitch ROM

December 17th, 2014

Gradual Decline - A quick Gameboy glitch ROM by nitro2k01

This ROM explores the idea of what would happen if you wrote random data to
random IO registers and random positions in video RAM. If you like audiovisual
glitches, this is for you. The ROM generates randomized graphics, and bleeps,
bloops and static. Sometimes it will even produce tones that are vaguely
melodic, even if dissonant.

How to use
Burn to a flash cartridge and run. It’s a unique experience each time you run
it. Even though this will not perceivably change the output of the ROM, you
may press buttons to seed external entropy into the random number generator.




6 Responses to “Gradual Decline - A quick Gameboy glitch ROM”

  1. jz says:

    Amazing!! I love it! it’s so…. Random! :)

    I wish there would be a way to do some kind of multicart with ShitWave+GradualDecline+DeathRay! <3

  2. jz says:

    holding one button to keep it “in one place” and have it not decline further until it is released would be amazing for live sets! <3 <3 <3

  3. jz says:

    Also setting the speed (graduality? ;) of the decline with up/down would be awesome!

    (sorry for multiple comments!)

  4. chronoseptor says:

    so RAD!

  5. Cementimental says:

    Great! I too would love any kind of interactive version of this :)

  6. lol md4 says:

    Is it possible that slightly moving the power switch to almost-off (on a GBC) would seed the PRNG? I notice a weird sound on normal ROMs when I do so, is it possible?

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