3 new tracks (+1 old one)

March 14th, 2010

GrainBrain MKII - Granular breaks in LSDj. An old track I brushed up.
Indefinite Hesitation - Weird and depressing.
Nitrojazz 2 - Another short jazzy tune in the same spirit as Nitrojazz.
Quicktime Express - Triplet techno.

New track: Nitrojazz

January 26th, 2010

Time for some NES-eque and short but sweet Gameboy jazz. Listen at chipmusic.org.


Spectral fun

December 19th, 2009

Spectral Fun!

As psilodump once noticed, audio spectrograms can look pretty neat. And it’s worth noting that the more effects of different kinds you throw, the more interesting the spectrum gets, usually. Every little retrig, pitch pitch bend or filter sweep makes the spectrum look cooler. What I especially like about the image above is the pattern that looks like stalagmites/stalactites if rotated 90 degrees.

If you want to know how it sounds, go ahead and click here:

zMashup (Homemade beat masher audio sample)

October 24th, 2009

zMashup by nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

I’m testing out a beat masher that I’m building in Reaktor. Everything you hear is algorithmically and/or randomly composed, although the parameters could of course be controlled via the keyboard. The actual masher can do rearrangement, instant repeat, reverse and high pass. For extra complexity, the masher is controlling three breaks simultaneously, which it fades between with different positions for the left and right channel.
The melody is played by Subharmonic’s default patch. The notes are randomized white keys. (White keys are lame, I know)
Now I just need to make the auto-masher vary the sound more over time.

Weird FM automatron: Atemreduktion

September 19th, 2009

Draft of of a Reaktor automatron that I’m working on. Warning, contains no chip sounds whatsoever! ;)

Atemreduktion  by  nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

Rubaquabiggi (Electroacoustic music) + 6-edf (Tuning demo)

June 4th, 2009

Rubaquabiggi (Mixdown 1)  by  nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

Electroacoustic music recorded at Studio 4, EMS Stockholm using the Serge and Buchla modular synthesizers and the spring reverbs. 8:26 of strange noises.

6-edf  by  nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

This is a demonstration of a (possibly useless) tuning that I played around with for a bit, which I call 6-EDF (Six equal divisions of a fifth) or or 6-TET-3/2 (6 tone equal intonation, ratio 3/2) The main feature of the scale is perfectly tuned fifths. (3/2) (And consequently, no true octave interval exists) It could also be seen as 10-EDO scale with a compressed pseudo-octave with a ratio of about 1.966:1, which is the closest octave approximation that this tuning can offer. The semitone ratio is 1.5^(1/6) = 1.069913…

The sample consists of three parts.
1) Chords consisting of a base note and 4 consecutive fifths. The chord moves 1 semitone per step.
2) Arpeggio moving a semitone per step.
3) Chords consisting of a base note, its pseudo octave (10 semitones from the base note) and the pseudo octave’s perfect fifth (16 semitones from the base note)

Left channel plays a sawtooth wave, right channel plays a square wave. Everything generated with Reaktor.

nitro2k01 - Hypertension (Gamma Goblin remix/re-edit/continuation)

June 4th, 2009

Hypertension-167.806  by  Gamma Goblin

Gamma Goblin:
So it’s not really a remix, but it’s basically just what jumped into my head when I listened to youre tune the first time. It kept seeming to building and build but without resolve.

So here’s the deal. Hypertension was my first track in the 30 songs in 30 days challenge on 8bitcollective. (Which I btw failed to complete)
On day 1 I felt utterly uninspired and the track I managed to jot down felt uninspired and tense, thus the name Hypertension. I then gave up on finishing the song and saw it as a hopeless case.
So when Gamma Goblin comes in finishes the track for me it’s a moment of relief and closure. The track that I didn’t think would get a proper end did get one.

30 days, 30 tunes - Days 7-9: Being unproductive

May 10th, 2009

Days 7-9 were pretty unproductive for me. The tracks for days 7-8 are on my 8bc profile if you really want to listen to them. I recommend you stick to the following track, which is for day 9. It’s a pretty straightforward happy track.

Align Zero on 8bitcollective

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30 days, 30 tunes - Day 6: Amens are all the rage

May 7th, 2009

Today I’m letting out some rage, gabber/breakcore style. For the mashing of this amen I’ve re-used some of the techniques from day 3.

All The Rage on 8bitcollective

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30 days, 30 tunes - Day 5: Chase

May 6th, 2009

I don’t know exactly which genre this one belongs in, but it has amenz. :p

Chase on 8bitcollective

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