Shitwave synced to LSDj

February 16th, 2010

Another Gameboy genius, NeX is at it again. What he has done is to connect the clock output from LSDj to 74161 and 4024 counters then that is sent through (what I assume is) a slewrate limiter kind of thing to control attack and decay. Then that signal iscontrolling the frequency of a LTC1799 variable oscillator which is contralling the clock frequency of the DMG running Shitwave. (Don’t forget that Shitwave sucks though!)

Notice how there’s an interference pattern with the screen update frequency and the left boy. And that this pattern oscillates at different frequencies as the clock speed is being modulated.

Figma - Drossel von Flügel

February 16th, 2010

This is an absolutely gorgeous Figma figure of Drossel von Flügel of Fireball. I love everything about her, the body shape, the details, how she stands on her own and how Miku’s leeks fits perfectly into her hands. ^_^
The catch? She’s not mine… ._.
Being poor cheap poor and lacking that real obsession about figures I haven’t ventured into it. (The fact that my workspace is filled with junk and isn’t very tidy also suggests it might not be the right hobby for me) But I do love the appearance of them and the least I can do is repost pictures of other people’s figures when I get the chance. These lovely pictures are taken by Meimi132.

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Best g’damn action scene ever!

February 13th, 2010

This is a clip from the Indian 1994 movie Alluda Majaka, titled on Youtube “Best action scene of all time”. What sets this action scene apart from its Hollywood counterparts?

The use of horses in stunts! The protagonist is a fugitive on the run. His preferred mode of transportation is of course horses and during the course of the scene he manages to make a car jump 10 meters into the air by throwing a pipe into the grille, stop two running horses using his crotch, make four horses fall to the ground using a rope and, and this is the real kicker, slide under a truck while riding a horse!
I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at an action scene ever. The sequence ends appropriately with our hero escaping from an explosion, on a horse of course.

LittleFM on GBC

February 7th, 2010

I finally felt motivated to work a little on LittleFM, and the next feature in the pipeline was (the comparitively small) feature of “real” GBC support, ie support for double speed and colour palettes in LSDj which LittleFM has been lacking so far. (Instead it used the oldschool compatibility mode which didn’t allow LSDj to take advantage of the higher CPU speed found in the GBC)

It works great and flashing takes about half the time when done in double speed mode, however I forgot to clear the secondary GBC bakground map when going from LSDj back into LFM, using the classic sel-start-B-A combo. What this means is that the colour pattern from LSDj will not be erased but remain on the screen. This gave this nice visual bug seen below. As you can see, the pattern resembles LSDj’s screen layout.

LittleFM glitch 1

LittleFM glitch 2

I’m going to finish one more feature before I release LittleFM 0.4, loading and saving of individual LSDj files, so LFM can truly replace the builtin file manager that comes with LSDj. I have an almost working version of this feature, but it has wrinkles which I want to iron out before releasing it.

The last picture is shitwave which actually looks marvellous with the backgrounds residue. It gives the vibrations more life and you can see what’s actually happenening rather than just vaguely vibrating lines. It may not be apparent on the still image, but it looks nice live.

Shitwave glitch

Sorry for the long wait, but have patience!