More Tetris comics

April 30th, 2007

I have this nifty visitor tracking system, that lets me see how people browsing my blog came here. And since I’m already high up in Google’s rank, possibly because I’m situated under, I get quite a few search engine referrals. Moste people who come here search for something things related to Gameboys, for example Gameboy circuit bending, but appearantly one person got here just a few minutes ago by googling for tetris comic. And I will take this opportunity to show what else among the results.

A comic taking on a more philosophical view of Tetris. (Made by Kristen Gudsnuk and originally posted here.) Update: Kristen left a comment and informed me that he (she?) only drew the falling block, while someone called “Terminal” put it in the celestial context it’s in in the picture. Did I get it right?

It has the rather long title: “Tetris Can Mean A Lot Of Things But It Cannot Define The True Meaning Of Life Because The Answer Is Impossible Since The Answer To Life Is Tetris Itself”

I also found scans of original feature comics from Nintendo Power, published some 15-20 years ago. Look at the bottom for a three page comic and a pretty good beginner’s tutorial to the game. (I never saw that guide, but I still learnt those strategies all by myself)
The Howard & Nester Comics Archive

I also found an entertaining japanese video, where some guy plays Tetris from hell. He just can’t get it right. (;
If you’re a Tetris lover, this is a must-see.
“Tetris” Is Japanese For Comic Gold - Kotaku

And oh yeah, I will do a photo tutorial on how to make a ledboy, when I make the blue one, I promise. The nothing can stop me, I have a Gameboy RGB pixel! (*Moahahahaha*)

Glitched IBM Thinkpad 600E

April 25th, 2007

I have a Thinkpad 600E that I inherited from my boss when I worked as a telephone salesperson. (Not my kind of job, btw) I’ve spent some time and money on upgrading and refurbishing it. What was once a 400 MHz PII with 64 MB RAM and a 6 Gb HD is now a 702 MHz PIII with 288 MB RAM and a 80 Gb HD. (Actually overclocked twice, which I did by soldering wires onto SMD components. Tricky work.)
To some people’s standards it may be slow, but it works fine for me.

But something that annoys me is that every 2-3 months or so, the graphics chip goes crazy and totally glitches out. Even after rebooting, the image still gets glitched. The only thing that seems to work is to change the graphics driver, and then change it back.
So getting rid of the glitch mode is easy. However, enterring it is not. I have yet to find out a way to summon the glitch mode. I find some of the things it does to my graphics pretty nice, and I’d like to be able to control it and use it as an image processing effect. (You can take screenshots of the glitches, which indicates that the glitched data is somehow written back to the video memory.)
Glitches happen spontaneously, as well as when moving windows, or even just the mouse pointer. (Which makes it possible to glitchify areas of the screen)

One of the reasons I’m bringing this up now, is because of a recent discussion on the benders yahoo group. (A mailing list for circuit benders) Jeremy of cutthroatfreaksshow had bought an LG Fusic camphone, which had appearantly bent itself. All images were pink-and-white instead of colored. Here are some of them. (Interestingly enough, pink seems to be a key color for my 600E as well)
An even more interesting glitched camera is owned Farrell Eaves. (Read article on LJWorld)

Back to my computer. When in glitch mode, the computer reacts differently depending on the color depth in use. If using a depth of 16 bpp, the glitches are more aggressive, so to speak, and there’s a lot of color burn kind-of effects, and text printed on the screen is heavily affected. When in 24 bpp mode, the glitches are often more subtle. This mode can produce some more subtle dirty effects. These effects remind a little of those used by NiN in their viral marketing campaign, and I find them visually appealing. (One of NiN’s sites)

’nuff said, here are the pictures:

Glitched login screenGlitched icon textGlitched start menuGlitched  Opera tabsGlitched  OXO Unlimited homepageShuffled PuTTY outputGlitched pictures of the inside of a NES cartridgeAnother glitched login screenBlurred screen settings dialogDirty rain 1Dirty rain 2

Oh yeah, Limewire? No thank you, it’s probably one of the worst p2p clients I’ve used. Eats memory and CPU, and on top of that it has crap results. It’s just there because I was convinced by a friend to try it.

Masturbating Gameboy!?!

April 23rd, 2007

This is a weird little thing that I stumbled across during today’s random browsing. A Christmas ad with a (cartoon) kid in the shape of a Gameboy who wants a gift card so he can buy all the games he doesn’t dare to ask santa about. And in the end he makes some moves that suggests fapping. Hilarious.
Video link
I originally found this on, so pay them a visit!

Gameboy related image board

April 22nd, 2007

Today I stumbled across the site AnonIB that lets anyone start an image board. (For those who don’t know: It’s like a forum/chat hybrid, where you can upload images without the need to register an account)
I don’t really have any expectations on the board, it’s just an act of impulse, so I’ll see where it leads. If people abuse or if nobody posts, maybe I’ll shut it down.
Anyway, here it is: So have a look and maybe contribute if you feel, and I’ll see how things turn out.

Coke Zero

April 21st, 2007

True to my geekiness, I try to ingest a dose of caffeine everyday. And I also have a problem with diet drinks, I usually just can’t stand the sweeteners. Sucralose is extra bad. I actually can’t taste the sweetness in it, it’s just not there. At the same time I feel the bad taste of it which is somewhere between sour and bitter. (But of course, this is my highly personal opinion, I realize many people think sucralose tastes good, or at the very least decent)

So I decided to try Coca Cola Zero for a few days and see what I though about it. Coke Zero is based on aspartam and acesulfam k, which as far as I understand is the same sweeteners as the pre-sucralose diet Coke. So in a way Coke Light could be seen as a modified version of that. My theory is that the CC company realized their mistake with sucralose, but couldn’t recall it because of pride for their trademark.

Coke Zero also has a weird effect when it comes to its carbonation. When opening a can of diet soda, there seems to be more pressure in it, and diet sodas seem to be more explosive when it’s been shaken. And diet sodas also seem to produce more foam, both when pouring it in a glass (Where the foam takes a ridiculous amount of time to settle) and when drinking from the can (Where the foam fills your mouth) The myth (?) that artificial sweeteners are in fact soap are not only related to the taste.
Alas, it seems like Coke Zero, just like any other diet drink, is either more carbonated than regular sodas, or that this effect is caused by the sweeteners.

What about the taste then? Obviously better than diet Coke. And even a pinch better than the old diet Coke. But it still has a very clear texture of sweeteners, and also leaves the regular after-taste in my mouth, but less than either other two types mentioned. In my opinion it’s a fully acceptable drink when drunk with food, which masks the sweeteners pretty well.

Coke Zero still not my preferred way of ingesting caffeine, but I’m pleased to see that Coca Cola did a diet drink somewhat ok.

Tetris comic strip

April 18th, 2007

Tetris comic strip

Suits my way of thinking. :D
Found at The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Minimalizm locked groove vinyl released to the public

April 15th, 2007

Noise Vinyl logo

The Minimalizm Noise Vinyl v3 is a locked groove vinyl project. A locked groove vinyl is a vinyl disc where every track keeps looping. The disc has a number of circles, one for each loop, rather than a long spiral.
The aim of the project is to do community pressings, where every artist makes a loop for the vinyl and orders a few copies to pay their share of the production. My contribution to the project is a Gameboy loop. As a bonus, you get a house track by LeAndre from Paris, and the 53 loops from minimalizm v2 on the B side.
The original minializm v2 pressing was pressed in 100 copies which were quickly sold out. Because of this high interest minimalizm v3 is now available to the public. By buying one or more copies of the vinyl, you support the project and ensure there will be a 4th vinyl when the time comes.

Gameboy sellout for Skullcandy (:

April 12th, 2007

I bought a new pair of headphones today, of the brand skullcandy. For all I can tell, they’re great for the price. (At the very least, they’re better than the crappy ones I had before)
Not much to say about them, clear treble, crunchy mid-range, not blasting, but at least very much audible bass and sub-bass.

The interesting thing, however, is that they came with small stickers, that they reuqested people to put in cool places.

Skullcandy sticks Skullcandy sticks, backside

Viral marketing, yes of course, but I decided to put one of the stickers on redledboy, my LED-filled transparent Gameboy. Unfortunately, since my camera is back to the shop for repairment, and possibly replacement, I tried a friend’s camera and I tried putting the GB on the scanner, all without much success. I just couldn’t get the pictures as I wanted them.
These are probably the two best ones, with respect to how I wanted the photo picture to look. The other pictures are available on my flickr account.

I’ve submitted some of the pictures to SkullCandy as instructed. Next time I’ll put one of the pink stickers on a classic grey Gameboy, in a way that makes the buttons come out of the holes in the skull. (The round of the eyes has a perfect size for this)

The only problem is that I don’t have a single working grey Gameboy. I have three or four of them, in pieces. (:
But that’s a later problem.

Hej ni från Medis :D

April 8th, 2007

This Swedish post was meant for a couple of guys I met on a subway station. For you English speakers, this blog will mainly be in English, and anything of interest in this post will be covered later on in the blog.

Chansen finns att ni faktiskt går in på sidan, hehe. Antingen tycker ni detta är skitcoolt, eller att jag är jättetöntig. (Eller både och bara att ni inte vågar erkänna det första.)
Vad ska jag göra med det genomskinliga påskägget, då? Jo jag har byggt en sån här:

… som låter så här.

Och en sån ska jag alltså bygga i påskägget. Varför i ett genomskinligt påskägg? Jo, jag gillar genomskinliga saker eftersom man kan bygga in lysdioder i dem, som lyser så snyggt. Kolla bara på mina Gameboys, som jag gör musik med:

Så, lämna gärna en kommentar nu, så jag vet att ni hittade rätt. (: (Och sen kan ni fortsätta flina)

The mandatory first post

April 7th, 2007

It took me a while to start this blog. I have a couple of abandoned blog behind me, and I hope this one will persist. This one is supposed to be my personal blog about things like my musical interest and my technical interest in Gameboys, my interest in circuit bending and other experimental arts. And not to forget my newfound interest in Animé.

Whenever I feel like I will put a little information about me, a discography, maybe some pictures, more links, you get the point. But right now I feel tired, and will go to bed soon.

I will take this opportunity to thank these people for their support:

  • Jose Torres of for letting me use this sudomain.
  • Sebastian K of nic-nac-project, for the hosting and the shell account. (You can get one too, at the cost of a postcard and a stamp, just follow the instructions at the page!)
  • Mattias Wirf of XODA, for releasing this template under a CC-Share Alike license. (The only change I’ve done to it is adding my Gameboy to background, and the modified theme is licensed under the same license, and you may use the image given that you credit XODA and me for it)

That’s all for now, over and out!