June 2nd, 2007

This is a list (So far still in progress) over the gear I use for my music production, that I own and/or have participated in building/modding.

Clear transparent green DMG Gameboy Clear transparent red DMG Gameboy

My Gameboys

Here’s a complete list of my Gameboys:

  • Gameboy color
    One yellow and olive green. The olive green has a failed ProSound modification done.
  • Gameboy pocket
    Two yellow ones. One is working, the other was found in the trash, was filled with dust, and looked like a dog had chewed it.
  • Gameboy classic (Aka “grey bricks” or DMG-001’s)
    4-5 partially working grey colored ones in pieces.
    1 yellow with backlight and inverted screen. (See image below)
    2 transparent ones with LEDs inside. This is a nifty mod wher I’ve put green and red light emmitting diodes inside the case, which shines through the case and gives a nice aura. This works especially well when playing live on stage in a dark room. (: (See images above)
  • Gameboy advance
    One purple transparent GBA which is not working, probably becaus eI washed the scratched screen with acetone. (Ooooops!)
    One red GBA SP with a broken screen, found in the trash. Might be able to do something that doesn’t need a screen if I can build a working LPT multiboot cable that doesn’t fall apart after one week.
    Veqtor’s gray GBA SP, also with a broken screen, same remark as above.

Yellow DMG Gameboy with backlight


Used for whatever people use PC’s for, except for gaming, except for emulated NES and SNES games.

  • Intel Celeron, 468 MHz
    Not a typo, it shouldn’t say 486, and it shouldn’t be 450 or 500 MHz. This one is overclocked to this odd clock frequency. Mainly used for FT2 tracking before I discovered Milky.
  • Dual Pentium III, 500 MHz
    An old server box, that I use as a client. Not much to say about except that 500 MHz + 500 MHz doesn’t generally mean 1 GHz. (Although when running parellell tasks, it’s pretty smooth)
  • Thinkpad 600E, Pentium III, 702 MHz
    This is one overclocked and upgraded little bitch. I replaced and overclocked the CPU in it, upgraded the hard drive, and replaced various parts.
    (See images above)

    Also see also this blog post for my recent problems with it.

  • Mr 386 (Toshiba T2000SX)
    This old computer serves an e-mail subscription computer for microdisko’s newsletter. The e-mail addresses are magically transferred wirelessly onto the huge servers. (Alternatively, I just put a floppy in it and copy the files that way) It also made a guest appearance as a lotto number drawing machine on the 8-bit operators Kraftwerk compilation release party at microdisko. Related youtube links: and

Other computers

  • C64
    The breadbox model. Used a couple of times for Prophet 64. I also used it to play Ball blazer, one of my favourite C64 games. (Also got a great loader tune)
  • Atari 1040 STfm
    Used for some maxYMizer tracking. Mostly collecting dust at the moment.
  • Amiga 500
    Found in the trash, without hard drive or power supply. ):
    Collecting dust. );

DIY electronics

Pictures and more info coming at a later date

  • Dual Atari Punk Console
  • Gameboy Ounk Console
  • Tone Bender, modded guitar effect pedal
  • Tube Screamer, modded guitar effect pedal

22 Responses to “Gear”

  1. Mike says:


    I like, I like, i stumbled in here for the sid hack. But now i find myself wanting to fix an old gameboy.. The damned thing has stopped working, completely.. You should drop by #amiga on efnet or something sometime, tonnes of retrophiles there :D


  2. Vivica says:

    I am seriously interested in learning to do the sort of stuff you’re doing with Game Boys.
    Any information on how you achieve such dirty square waved sounds out of your Game Boys, and how i could mod mine to achieve similar effects?

    I have a spare DMG-001 i’m itching to turn into a live instrument of death :)

  3. nitro2k01 says:

    Thanks for the comment, Vivica.
    What dirty square waves are you referring to? The dirtiest thing I’ve done is probably this: Gameboy Guitar. For that recording I connected it through my two homebuilt distorsion units.

    Other than that, any dirty sound should be a product of (failed) post production or bad quality microphones for live recordings.

    Please give an example of the dirty square waves. Or maybe, what you’re recting to is that Gameboys have a pretty dirty sound overall?

  4. Vivica says:

    What i was really referring to was just the 8bit sound Game Boys put out, its never going to be the most clean sound, know what i mean?

    How do you get the sounds you want out of them though… before you run them through anything. Because sometimes it sounds as if you’re looping samples using nothing more than a Game Boy… and i can’t see how that’s possible without having a cartridge designed specifically to play those samples, and running the Game Boy through a loop station.

    Basically… i’d love to understand how you do everything.

  5. nitro2k01 says:

    Oh, I think I think you want to have a look at my Gameboy Music How-To.

  6. Vivica says:

    One final ignorant question, i’ve heard alot of talk about LSDj licensing, what exactly is the deal with it.

    And basically what i’m asking, if you were to buy a cart with it on, is a license necessary?

  7. joey mariano says:

    hey man! how do i do the screen invert for the classic - i stumbled upon it when i dropped some solder on some part of my GBC - oops~! couldn’t figure it out after that - i bet the GBC is easier to invert than the classic?


    joey mariano

  8. nitro2k01 says:

    The GBC screen is harder or possibly impossible to invert. The reason why the DMG screen can be inverted is because the LCD is using proprties of polarized light.
    Just forget that idea, and save yourself one GBC screen.

  9. mike says:

    any chance you have a how to guide on the pro sound mods

  10. nitro2k01 says:

    I don’t but there at least two other guides: Johan Kotlinki’s (The original one) and Lameboy’s (The better one, which also covers the old DMG model.)

  11. xero / says:

    awesome mod!
    i would love a guide to adding LED’s,
    and more info on backlighting the brick.
    please! thanx!

  12. sebastian says:

    the gameboy with the backlight is called a gameboy light. only released in japan. the only reason you can find one anywhere else is because of online auction. do not loose yours because they are worth a lot. go to ebay and type in Gameboy Light, its good as new and its your for the low price of $244.98, or $299.98, i dont remember, i looked at two of them.

  13. nitro2k01 says:

    Uhm… no…
    That’s a regular old Gameboy (DMG-01) that I opened up myself with a screwdriver and soldered LED’s into.

  14. sebastian says:

    well you didnt include that in your discription so i asummed. How were you able to do that, and is it possible to do that on a gameboy color?

  15. Transformer says:

    I’ve made some pretty good backlit gameboy….

  16. snes roms says:

    Wow those gameboys look fresh :)
    The red one looks sick !

  17. Seb Tomczak says:

    Hey man, what’s a “Gameboy Punk Console”?

    Nice collection, btw!

  18. nitro2k01 says:

    Atari Ounk Console
    The typo is intentional.

  19. g.x says:

    hey due this some cool stuff could u create an internal diagram of a gameboy /color for us so we know which bits to change & not? and where can u get the special mini three pronged screwdriver 4 the gameboy color i’ve been trying for ages to rip it open!!!

  20. nitro2k01 says:

    I can’t give you a diagram… That’s such a thing that comes with experience. If I do this mod again, I will document it better. But I don’t think I will do it again. :(
    You can find the screwdriver DealExtreme. Or search for triwing or trigram screwdrivers.

  21. Samthorn10 says:

    Hey man do you think you could send me a diagram of the DMG’s board diagram of where i can solder led’s onto it please?

    It will be much appreciated thanks

  22. Sparky14 says:

    umm… Hi?… im kinda an electronics student in high school, im just asking for some help on my ideas on creating a gba flash cart, my main ideas are removing the roms and exchange it, connect an old cartridge to a xboo cable so i can format it(not really sure), create a flash cart by doing some instructions that i found out, sarcifice a memory card reader and turn it into a flash cart and other more

    so can u pls help me out, thanks!(if ur still active though)

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