GlitchDS Sample Pack: The Sounds of Mortima T #1 (Universe)

May 28th, 2008

Here’s my first sample pack for the really cool up and coming DS homebrew music/sound app DSGlitch. It’s a sequencer and sound glitcher based on John Conway’s Game of Life where each position in the grid can trigger one out of six samples.

The sound is kind of random and I like it so much that I’m planning to make a concept album with sounds processed by the program, with the corresponding sample pack to go with it. (I’m making some tight ass samples for it!)
Until then, I’m going to release a number of sample packs based on the incredibly jazzy and moody sounds of Mortimer Twang’s Amiga mods. More packs coming when I feel like it!

Watcha waiting for?
First grab a copy of GlitchDS for your Nintendo DS
Then grab the Mortima T samplepack

Update: To the best of my knowledge, here’s the first track using samples from the pack: Just For Her by Litebritedeath


           The Sounds of Mortima Tee
  what: sample pack
  for: glitchds
  samples from: universe.mod (#1)

 this is the first in a series of sample packs
based on the ameega mods by sweet fatha mortima
twang. The sounds were exported as played in the
mod, sliced when necessary and given minor edits

this first pack contains samples from universe,
a moody downtempo mod with a nice vintage sound
consisting of beautiful strings and a bass line
  made with a double bass sample

these packs will be made in respect to mortima's
 moody, jazzy, trippy, groovy sounds. to listen
 to the original mods, pay this website a visit

          original sounds by mortimer
            twang aka lukas nystrand
             compiled by: nitro2k01

This sample pack is licensed with the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. It gives you the right to share and remix the work if the resulting work is non-commercial and attribution is given to the original creator. (That is, Mortimer Twang!)
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