Gameboy sellout for Skullcandy (:

April 12th, 2007

I bought a new pair of headphones today, of the brand skullcandy. For all I can tell, they’re great for the price. (At the very least, they’re better than the crappy ones I had before)
Not much to say about them, clear treble, crunchy mid-range, not blasting, but at least very much audible bass and sub-bass.

The interesting thing, however, is that they came with small stickers, that they reuqested people to put in cool places.

Skullcandy sticks Skullcandy sticks, backside

Viral marketing, yes of course, but I decided to put one of the stickers on redledboy, my LED-filled transparent Gameboy. Unfortunately, since my camera is back to the shop for repairment, and possibly replacement, I tried a friend’s camera and I tried putting the GB on the scanner, all without much success. I just couldn’t get the pictures as I wanted them.
These are probably the two best ones, with respect to how I wanted the photo picture to look. The other pictures are available on my flickr account.

I’ve submitted some of the pictures to SkullCandy as instructed. Next time I’ll put one of the pink stickers on a classic grey Gameboy, in a way that makes the buttons come out of the holes in the skull. (The round of the eyes has a perfect size for this)

The only problem is that I don’t have a single working grey Gameboy. I have three or four of them, in pieces. (:
But that’s a later problem.