Zero G Fluid Dynamics + a 500 kV electrical arc

April 25th, 2009

Two cool clips to compete with the Fluid Sculpture.

Shows how water behaves in zero gravity. (Recorded on the International Space Station) As is apparent, surface tension is still going strong even without gravity. The first two experiments investigate how the sphere (!) of water behaves when subjected to air. In experiment 1 by blowing a puff of air onto the sphere. In experiment 2 by injecting a bubble of air into the sphere. Experiment 3 investigates what happens if you dissolve an Alka-Seltzer in the sphere.
Fluid dynamics in zero G rocks. Yep, those are some Massive Dynamics indeed.
My only little complaint is that they didn’t use a high FPS camera, like this one.

Not much to say except that that’s a huge arc!

Best CAPTCHA ever!

June 19th, 2008

As it seems, CAPTCHAs with cats and dogs are all the rage on sites providing copyrighted material. While Rapidshare wants you to enter the letters equipped with cats (Swedish link) rather than those with dogs, Waffles wants you to select the actual cats. (Although they only do it if you guess your password wrong a couple of times) I somehow found this to be the most awesome CAPTCHA in a long, long time!

Best CAPTCHA Ever!

If you’re looking for a perfect antispam plugin for Wordpress, Hashcash is your choice.

Message of love - can you see the dolphins? (Optical illusion)

June 10th, 2008

Message of Love from the Dolpins (Message d'Amour des Dauphins)
Have you ever seen this picture? It’s “Message of Love from the Dolpins” (Message d’Amour des Dauphins) which is an optical illusion (Or rather “optical delusion”) by Swiss artist Sandro Del-Prete. I you look at the vase you’ll probably agree that it depicts a man holding and kissing a woman from behind. What if I told you that the image in fact depicts a number of dolphins?
In fact it depicts both - it’s all a matter of how your brain interprets it. Kids, who are “inexperienced” tend to see the dolphins. Grownups tend to see the loving couple, Some grownups can’t even see the dolphins if they try really hard.
It’s all about what the brain expects and knows. If you know how to see a certain pattern, you’re more likely to see that pattern.

For those of you who still can’t see the dolphins, here’s a version of the image with outlines to help you out. I encourage you to look at the images side by side to help train your brain.

Here are a couple of other links of interest: (Might mindfuck you a bit ;) )

Automatic Mario Music Video

May 9th, 2008

Automatic Mario - Kumikyoku “Nico Nico Douga” from Doctor Zhao on Vimeo.

In the beginning there was LunarMagic. On the first day, 2ch created Super Mario hacks. On the second day, they created Automatic Mario…
Seriously though, this is not the first Automatic Mario music video that I’ve watched, but by far the best one. Even though you have to use speial block like fast forward block and the jump block, it’s still brilliantly well timed. And what’s more, it’s filled with internet culture symbolism. Fuck you nichanneru for being so awesome. (Inb4 weabooism)

(Through Kotaku)

More Broccoli!

May 6th, 2008

Back once again with the IRC quotes. Do watch the video!
On a related note, I think a part of the Bee March melody resembles the classic Super Mario melody. Ok, it’s only a couple of notes, but I’m still wondering if that might be where Koji Kondo got his original spark of inspiration from… We might never know!

18:31 -!- CalmDownKidder []
          has joined #8bc
18:31 < _2tronik01> An
                    ocarina made from broccoli!!?!?!?!
18:32 <@Dauragon> :O
18:32 <@Dauragon> oh shit son
18:32 <@Dauragon> its CalmDownKidder
18:32 < CalmDownKidder> where?
18:32 < Inkoddi> I made a whistle from a carrot once
18:32  * CalmDownKidder looks around
18:34 < CalmDownKidder> a cucumber, when inserted into a person’s
                        bottom can produce all sorts of spectrums of
18:34 <@Dauragon> D:
18:35 < Inkoddi> broccoli is perfect for instrument making
18:35 < Inkoddi> since it is really dense
18:35 < Inkoddi> and quite hard
18:35 <+herr_prof> and has natural rythm
18:36 < CalmDownKidder> The “more cowbell” sketch was originally
                        “more broccoli”

Freaky military robot

March 21st, 2008

This beast is called the BigDog quadruped robot, and is a walking robot meant for military purposes.
Now, the incredible thing isn’t that it is a walking robot, walking robots have existed at least for a decade. The incredible thing is the extreme precision at which it handles balance. That is what makes it seem so alive.
But I admit, it feels kind of freaky with that noise (Which sounds like a cry) and the two “horns” (Which are probably accelerometers)

Laser Graffiti

January 30th, 2008

This is some cool shit that Graffiti Research Lab Vienna presented 24C3. As far as I understand, this is how to do it: You’re using a projector and a digital video camera, forming a closed loop system, where data is fed back into system. You project an image to a wall that you also film with the camera. After calibration you can point a laser point to the wall. The camera sees this point of light and draws light on the area of projection.

Graffiti Research Lab Vienna
Article on makeblog (Instruction video)
Article on (Detailed instructions)
Report from rsms@copyriot, who was there (In Swedish)