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April 30th, 2007

I have this nifty visitor tracking system, that lets me see how people browsing my blog came here. And since I’m already high up in Google’s rank, possibly because I’m situated under, I get quite a few search engine referrals. Moste people who come here search for something things related to Gameboys, for example Gameboy circuit bending, but appearantly one person got here just a few minutes ago by googling for tetris comic. And I will take this opportunity to show what else among the results.

A comic taking on a more philosophical view of Tetris. (Made by Kristen Gudsnuk and originally posted here.) Update: Kristen left a comment and informed me that he (she?) only drew the falling block, while someone called “Terminal” put it in the celestial context it’s in in the picture. Did I get it right?

It has the rather long title: “Tetris Can Mean A Lot Of Things But It Cannot Define The True Meaning Of Life Because The Answer Is Impossible Since The Answer To Life Is Tetris Itself”

I also found scans of original feature comics from Nintendo Power, published some 15-20 years ago. Look at the bottom for a three page comic and a pretty good beginner’s tutorial to the game. (I never saw that guide, but I still learnt those strategies all by myself)
The Howard & Nester Comics Archive

I also found an entertaining japanese video, where some guy plays Tetris from hell. He just can’t get it right. (;
If you’re a Tetris lover, this is a must-see.
“Tetris” Is Japanese For Comic Gold - Kotaku

And oh yeah, I will do a photo tutorial on how to make a ledboy, when I make the blue one, I promise. The nothing can stop me, I have a Gameboy RGB pixel! (*Moahahahaha*)

Tetris comic strip

April 18th, 2007

Tetris comic strip

Suits my way of thinking. :D
Found at The Perry Bible Fellowship.