DJ AnounymOS - I’M TAKIN’ U SRS (feat Paul Fetch)

January 31st, 2008

Found on youtube. Whether or not you understand or agree with the lyrics, this is a banging tune.
Also available for download: link me beautiful.

Also, stand legion against the evil forces in the world.


January 31st, 2008

Watch on youtube
It was recently revealed on the Interwebs that we have all been rickroll’d during all those years when playing Chrono Trigger. This is Robo’s Theme mixed with the all famous Never Gonna give You Up by Rick Astley (Aka “Rickroll”)
The mix is unfinished and was made by someone who remains Anonymous.

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Robo’s Theme
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Laser Graffiti

January 30th, 2008

This is some cool shit that Graffiti Research Lab Vienna presented 24C3. As far as I understand, this is how to do it: You’re using a projector and a digital video camera, forming a closed loop system, where data is fed back into system. You project an image to a wall that you also film with the camera. After calibration you can point a laser point to the wall. The camera sees this point of light and draws light on the area of projection.

Graffiti Research Lab Vienna
Article on makeblog (Instruction video)
Article on (Detailed instructions)
Report from rsms@copyriot, who was there (In Swedish)

Subliminal marketing

January 28th, 2008

Super Mario World Hack - Keys of Nightmare
Ever heard of subliminal split frame marketing? Guess what, I just fell for it in an SMW hack video on YouTube. (Although you could just argue it was a glitch.)
This hack is the awesome kind where the creator actually put some effort into his (or her) hack. Download it from here:

Commentluv installed

January 17th, 2008

I have now installed Commentluv, which is a Wordpress plugin that looks for the latest blog entry on your blog, if you post a link to a blog with an RSS feed.

Nintendo DS Lite blue casemod

January 14th, 2008

I recently bought a DSPhat, (And an M3Real, report and review may come) but I almost got a used black DSlite for the same price, but the seller didn’t call me back before I bought the phat. But now I realize what I really wanted was a transparent one. Just look at this delicious thing by braineatingalienkyle.
Although there just might be some hope for my Phattie considering link me beautiful.

Globalfun Teslatron color chooser 2.0 released

January 12th, 2008

For those who play Teslatron on Globalfun, I’ve made a new color chooser. Apparently I’ve reached some legendary status because I created a color chooser some years ago. Anyway, here’s my Globalfun Teslatron Color Chooser 2.0.
This post doesn’t make sense for non-tesla-players, so if you’re one of them, just disregard it.

Crayon Physics

January 11th, 2008

Crayon Physics screenshot Crayon Physics screen shot
Crayon Physics is a simple but compelling game whose objective is to move a ball across the playfield to the goal. (A star) The game implements a full-fletched 2D physics motor and your only tool is the ability to draw shapes with your mouse. When you do so they react accordingly by falling due to gravity, moving other objects or bouncing. Now I’m just waiting for Crayon Physics Deluxe, where you can draw ther shaped than rectangles.

Gameboy camera tribute

January 5th, 2008

Here’s something I found during my random surfing today: A Gameboy camera tribute page, with a gallery and a tutorial on how to best use the camera. The page is from 1999, but the tips are still valid. Hmm, that inspired me!