Peculiar Sounds from a Drop of Saltwater on Aluminum

March 31st, 2008

Aluminum+cupper+drop of salt water=experimental sounds

Aluminum+cupper+drop of salt water=experimental sounds, schematic
I just found this. I gotta try this myself. My theory of what this does is the following: The cupper and aluminum works as a battery, much like the lemon battery taught in physics class. However because of the Al2O3 surface on the aluminum, which is released in an opscillating manner, you get spikes of voltage. This is what creates the sound. Compare it to the bubbles you get when you put a piece of a base metal in acid. That is my theory, feel free to comment it, or prove it right or wrong.

Found by Veqtor.

Come here, Pluto

March 25th, 2008

During a discussion about the recent reclassification of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet:

14:38 <@nitro2k01> Let them have their fun if they want to
                   reclassify Pluto
14:38 < PDF_Format> allowing a circular deffinition to stand would
                    invite other ones
14:38 < PDF_Format> “matter is anything mattery”
14:38 <@Dauragon> Bahahaha
14:39 < PDF_Format> “what separates a rat from a mouse is that
                    rat/mouse barrier”
14:39 <@Dauragon> those textbooks would be GOLDEN
14:39 < PDF_Format> these are non deffinitions
14:39 < PDF_Format> ahaha
14:39 < PDF_Format> i’m gonna have to write one now
14:39 < PDF_Format> textbook for the post pluto world
14:39 <@Dauragon> haha

I am Nigerian King! Send me 200 DMG, nao!!!11one

March 22nd, 2008

There’s no #8bc without my patented IRC quote of the day. This time we’re discussing a beggar from Ghana.
Refers to this page:

03:00 < nordloef> nitro
03:01 < nordloef> please the name of my country is
                  city is ashaiman and my code is
                  school box is 642.and my state is
                  w/a.please kindly send me a gameboy by
                  next week.and let it pass through the post
03:01 < _2tronik01> Hahaha!
03:01 < nordloef> please i come from ghana
03:01 < yujie_> haha
03:01 < nordloef> please kindly send me some of your item to
03:01 < nordloef> please i need some of your goods by
03:02 < _2tronik01> nordloef: Don’t tell meyou wrote that
                    comment on my blog
03:02 < nordloef> haha
03:02 < nordloef> i wish
03:02 < _2tronik01> I think I checked the IP address though
03:02 < nordloef> was it from ghana?
03:02 < _2tronik01> AFAIR, yes
03:02 < CalmDownKidder> I am a prince of a Nigerian king, I
                        urgently need yourhelp! We have
                        approximately 6,000,000, DMG locked
                        up which we cannot use as my father
                        is dead and they will not let us
                        access his account!
03:03 < CalmDownKidder> Please send me 200 DMG and I will
                        reward you greatly
03:03 < _2tronik01> I approve
03:03 < yujie_> :D
03:03 < yujie_> 6,000,000 dmgs
03:03  * yujie_ salivates

Upcoming netlabel release!

March 22nd, 2008

For my gig this night, I produced some new material. I actually thought most of it was so good that I have decided to release it as a free netlabel release on OXO Unlimited as soon as possible. Keep an eye on this blog (Eg by clicking my huge feed button ;) ) so you don’t miss it.

Freaky military robot

March 21st, 2008

This beast is called the BigDog quadruped robot, and is a walking robot meant for military purposes.
Now, the incredible thing isn’t that it is a walking robot, walking robots have existed at least for a decade. The incredible thing is the extreme precision at which it handles balance. That is what makes it seem so alive.
But I admit, it feels kind of freaky with that noise (Which sounds like a cry) and the two “horns” (Which are probably accelerometers)

Ceztir - A Google Bug!

March 19th, 2008

Ceztir Google bug
For no good reason, I googled for Ceztir. And what I found was a bug in Google! It asked me whether I wanted to include omitted results from the 0 results already displayed. Wtf? Clicking the link didn’t show any additional results either. Has this happened to anyone else with this or other keywords?
Try it yourself - but beware that this blog post will probably ruin the whole thing when appearing in the results.

nitro2k01 @ Microdisko, Stockholm 18.03.08

March 19th, 2008

Prepare for some Gameboy goodness this friday. I’ll start playing at 9 PM, so be there early!

CDK jokes

March 16th, 2008

03:31 < xulthis> probably the best description
03:31 < xulthis> would be “erotic clam”
03:31 < yujie> Oyster with a Penis, that’d be a great band name!
03:31 <@nitro2k01> The “erotic clam down kidder”
03:31 < xulthis> hahaha
03:31 < xulthis> clamdownkidder? it’s catchy. i like
03:31 < yujie> nitro2k01: you’re just full of cdk jokes aren’t you?
03:32 < yujie> ;)
03:32 < xulthis> he’s been waiting for this opportunity yuj!
03:32 <@nitro2k01> yujie: cdk?
03:32 <@nitro2k01> Oh
03:32 < CalmDownKidder> When I start my next venture - chiptune
                        themed fish restaurant, I will
                        call it “ClamDown Kidder”
03:32 <@nitro2k01> First I thought you meant xkcd
03:32 < xulthis> oh man. next time you’re waiting for a
                        table at red lobster
03:33 < xulthis> give them the name “clamdownkidder”
03:33 < CalmDownKidder> “Clam Down Kidder - serving you Fish…
                        AND CHIPS”

Green and Magenta

March 14th, 2008

Green and magenta fade: Full color, 1-bit ordered dither, 1-bit error diffusion
A sutpid little test. A green and magenta fade.

  • Full color
  • 1-bit ordered dither
  • 1-bit error diffusion

IRC quotes till you vomit

March 12th, 2008

03:59 <@Dauragon> ASS2ASS!
03:59 < xulthis> lol
03:59 <@Dauragon> lol
03:59 <@justinton> lol
04:00 < xulthis> i swear that’s never going to go away! :D