Different Colors

March 29th, 2009

An awesome exlposion of colours.
Music by Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM)
Visuals by Takashi Murakami
Through Jon Siegel.

Watch in HQ (<- Do it!)

flickr update 2009/03/28

March 28th, 2009

Hazy LED lights - B Hazy LED lights - G

Hazy LED lights - R Pink frogs

Svenska Barnprogram Knitted

Spaghetti Moustache 1 Spaghetti Moustache 2
I cooked spaghetti and one string that I dropped on the table happened to look like half a moustache, so I thought why not take a picture of it… Dedicated to schm0um.
More in my photostream

Mario is getting too old for this shiznizz!

March 28th, 2009

Bitter Mario outside of Bowser's Castle

Source: Hockey Zombie

Flickr Pro (Photos inside!)

March 24th, 2009

So, I finally got a Flickr Pro account, thanks Palmer for the help. Since I’m no longer limited to a total of 200 photos and a monthly allowance of 100 MB of photo uploads, I’ll be posting more photos. One of the things that interest me is street/urban art other than graffiti. (Nothing wrong with graffiti, but other forms of street art like stickers, posters as well as other temporary unauthorized art installations, offer more variation and innovation than graffiti, usually)
Feel free to have a look at my Photostream and maybe even add me as a contact. :)

A few random, recent photos:


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March 24th, 2009

I found this piece of urban art on my way home today.


Does this means the nanobots are coming?
I’m of course referring to this awesome video.

Shitwave - A PRNG based drone generator for Gameboy

March 23rd, 2009

Shitwave vis 1 Shitwave vis 2
Little-scale recently posted All 4-bit Waveforms That Have 32 Samples, a Max patch that would generate all possible wave frames that could be used with LSDj, given gazillions years. However, the result was a little boring because it would start out as a 1/32 PWM and slowly progress towards a longer and longer PWM. Even within many years, chances are you’d still have a very low duty PWM.
So I decided to find an algorithm that would produce more interesting sounds and still cycle through all 1632 possibilities. My choice was a pseudo random number generator using a linear feedback shift register. Actually not completely unlike the one in the Gameboy’s noise generator.
However, where the GB’s generator goes through a small number of states, and the buffer constitutes one sample, I’m using the full 16 bytes (32 samples) used in the Gameboy’s wave channel as my shift register. (Equivalent of one frame in the LSDj softsynth)
The shift register is a regular Fibonacci where the two topmost bits are xor’d with each other and shifted in at the bottom. The program is written in spaghetti style hardcore assembly language and the code is 256 bytes big. (The file header is another 80 bytes. So all in all, the program is 336 bytes.) The rest of the 32 kB is zeros, so there’s room for additional functionality. (Suggestions, anyone?)
The visuals are showing the currently playing waveform. The background pattern for the visuals are generated with a simple xor algorithm to make it appear random.

Unfortunately I don’t have a camera with a microphone, or even editing software that can handle the non-standard MOV file that my DSC gives me. So the audio is recorded separately from the video.


Shitwave  by  nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

Video: (No sound :( )

And last but not least… The ROM for those who dare and desire to try the program themselves.
shitwave1.zip (637 bytes, zip)
A and B (Or left and right) controls the type of visualization used. Select (Or up) re-seeds the PRNG. Preferably, run this program on real hardware, not in an emulator. If you must use an emulator, use no$gmb.

Oh, the name “Shitwave”? I mispelled “Shiftwave” when creating the folder for the project, and then I decided it was a fitting name.
shitwave in BGB

Shitwave in a hex editor

Svinto - The Swedish brand of soap pads

March 22nd, 2009

Svinto stålull - framsida

Svinto stålull - baksida

Svinto is the Swedish brand of soap pads equivalent to eg Brillo in other countries. I found an old box of this stuff, and since I’m pretty sure the old boxes aren’t very well documented online, I thought why not. I’m guessing this one is from somewhere around the mid-90’s, but it could be as old as late 80’s.
Part of the reason for posting this is of course the Brillo Award I won from Gamma Goblin.

Be Amazing - Destroy Civlization With Nanotechnology

March 21st, 2009

This is just awesome! :D
Even better, watch this in HD.

As a side note, the music is done by Michael Picton. If anyone knows where to find his early electroacoustic work Bagatelles which was featured on Tornado Electracoustic Compositions (As download or physical medium) I’d be happy to know.

Cool article 2: Wired: Magnetism As A Sixth Sense

March 19th, 2009

Magnetism as a 6th senseThe second cool article I’ll be recommending is from Wired, and is about using magnetism as a sixth sense by implanting a small magnet into a person’s finger. The magnet would then act as a simple sensor and enable the bearer to detect magnetic fields. While the method is very simple, it has some interesting implications. What if, for example, a baby would have one of these implants at birth. How would that child grow up to experience the world. To take it a step further, what if that child was synaesthetic or an autistic savant?

Article: A Sixth Sense for a Wired World

Cool article 1: Chinese Shanzhai - Copycat barons or entrepreneurs on the edge?

March 19th, 2009

The first cool article is from Bunnie’s Blog. The Shanzhai are innovators in China, but the opinions about the differ. Dismissed by some as cheap copycat knockoffs, and praised by some as entrepreneurs on the edge filling a gap in the market that the big companies can’t fill. A report, quoted by Bunnie, says that the Shanzhai are producing not only straight copies, but customized models of the big companies’ products, like a cell phone with a UV light for verification of bank notes or a camera phone with a replaceable zoom lens.
Call it the mashup culture of electronic mnufacturing if you will.

An interesting read for anyone interested in electronics: Tech Trend: Shanzhai