Handmade Gameboy purse

May 3rd, 2007

This neat little item was sold in 8 pieces by Etsy. It’s a little purse for storing coins, or two LSDj cartridges and a link cable, whynot?
I really love the handmade looks of it, but I’m a bit disturbed by the lack of a power LED. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the 8 items. Maybe I should make one myself, but knowing my preferences, I’d probably make it in clear plastic, possibly with some kind of lighting option, just as I did in the real world. (;

If I had one of the purses maybe I wouldn’t just put thing in it. Maybe I would build some sort of noise-producing thingie, just as I did with the Gameboy-style box that I got from Dj Scotch Egg. (Which now houses the Gameboy Ounk Console) Perhaps I’d make it pressure sensitive because of the soft nature of the fabric… Yeah! If you own one of the eight purses, and this sounds interesting, give me a call. (:

(Original source: Wonderland: Handmade Gameboy purse)

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