5/4, 8PM CET:Microdisko interview on local student radio

May 4th, 2007

Radio Pluto logo

Tomorrow (Friday 5/4-2007) at 8 PM, CET, I, and the rest of the microdisko organizers will participate in an interview about microdisko and chip music on local student radio. If you’re in Stockholm, Sweden, tune in to Pluto 95,3 MHz, if not, there’s a stream on their page. (The show is in Swedish, but anyone can appreciate the chiptunes that we’ll play :D )

More information: http://www.thsradio.se/pluto/

2 Responses to “5/4, 8PM CET:Microdisko interview on local student radio”

  1. R. Madenmann says:

    Please provide an mp3/ogg afterwards, maybe even with a transcript so we non Swedish people have the chance to get at least a few words.

  2. nitro2k01 says:

    I will try. I’m not sure yet if they’ll record the show. If not I’ll have to rip the stream, which might hard when I’m in the studio.
    As for a transcript, sounds like a good idea.

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