A whole PC in a DMG case

May 10th, 2007

Gameboy PC front view

Gameboy PC side view

I was hesitating to post about this thing. After all this guy is butching an innocent Gameboy to do this thing. But on the other hand it’s a cool thing, and honestly one that I’d like to own. (Although it’s not as cool as the NES mini, a whole NES, fitted into the size of a NES controller)
Also the activity LEDs in different colors reminded me of my own yellowboy with one red and on black button.

Gameboy PC inside view

The miniature PC is based on the Via EPIA PX10000G motherboard, a board of the Pico-ITX standard. Even though the small size, it houses connections for VGA, as well as USB and ethernet. One of the USB ports is placed in a very good spot: Where the link port used to be. People often ask me about my classic Gameboys if that port is for firewire (!) They never saw that port on their own GB’s, appearantly because it’s usually covered with a piece of plastic to protect the machine from dust.

Gameboy PC back view

The PC lacks a hard drive, and uses CF cards for storage instead. CF uses the same or almost the same interface as IDE, as far as I know, meaning that you could probably attach IDE drives to it with a little tinkering.
In its current shape, the CF card appearantly stores the OS. The guy is using Windows XP embedded for the purpose, but I’d like to try some flavor of Linux, or possibly Lunix. (No, I’m not serious, I just like to drop that link)

Story chain: Engadget » Plastic Bamboo » Japanese original page

So a little report about the 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 business. At the moment, it’s at 1720000 results, closing in to two millions. Also, digg has decided not moderate articles and comments containing the code. (Which I didn’t discover until today, more than a week too late) And here’s an article about a novel way of expressing the digits, with all the implications involved.
“Takedown This!”

That’s all for today. I’m Joanne and this is Ro… Wait, not really.

Also, 58.70.6.xx-san from Japan (Later using the IP 60.56.165.xx) Please leave a comment! I see that you have reloaded my page a lot or something. I also see that you are an Opera user, just like me. Reveal yourself!

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  1. nim says:

    hah! totally excellent!!

  2. ikuma morata says:

    now thats a REAL use for a game boy ;)

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