nitro2k01 on Moshpit Open 2007, 1 September

August 23rd, 2007

Moshpit Open 2007 poster
So after some communication problems (Pun intended) it’s now official. I’ll be playing at the Moshpit 2007 festival. The festival is mainly an emo/rock festival, but this year they decided to dedicate one stage to electronic music, mainly chip music. (The battle stage) My fellow microdisko organizers Cornbeast and nxpnsv will play there too, as well as 7 others.
I find annoying how they mispelt my nickname. (nitro2kl instead of nitro2k01) But I don’t blame them too much, even I had a problem with it the first week I used it, so no wonder someone who types it for the first time gets it wrong.

Info: (In Swedish)
Datum: 1 september 2007
Plats: Folkets Hus, Nykvarn, Stockholm, Sweden (Resinfo)
Inträde: 100 sek förköp eller 150 kr i dörren
Åldersgräns: Ingen (Alkoholfritt)
Lineup: Se affischen
Hemsida: och

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