Moshpit Open 2007 photo dump

September 6th, 2007

Here’s a dump of the pics I shot at the Moshpit Open 2007 Battle Stage, during Oerfil’s, Cornbeast’s and Boy vs Bacteria’s live sets. For obvious reasons I don’t have any pics/videos of my own set, but if you do, please tell me.
The whole photo set is available here:
Oerfil Oerfil crowd

Cornbeast Cornbeast crowd

Boy vs Bacteria audience Boy vs Bacteria

One Response to “Moshpit Open 2007 photo dump”

  1. Cornbeast says:

    Wooh, that’s a really classy gameboy posture I got going there! “GArrh, I can’t see the screen”.

    I’ve got some pics of you as well shot with my cellphone, will empty it some day…

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