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October 31st, 2007

As you may or may not now, I actively check my referrers to see where people come from, and what they searched for when they ended up at my blog. Sometimes I find really interesting things, and this is one of them.
Someone from Czech (Hello :) ) searched for lemon tracker gameboy. This tool has totally passed me by. It is appearantly a tracker without its own sequencer. Instead, it converts modules made with FT2 to its own format. I have still to check it out, but it seems to be a decent player that was abandoned before it was done, and no sources exist for LMP 2, as far as I can find. And no good contact info either. (Edit: I found a way now)

If the person searching for it sees this, a mirror of his site is available here: http://members.fortunecity.com/lemon26/. (Including source code for LMP 1 and a demo of LMP 2)
I’m actually considering disassembling the LMP2 demo and extract and maybe improve the player engine, if I get the time to it. I’m convinced I can do it with some time and effort, but if I’m going to give it a try, I want at least one person to say they want me to do it. I’m also contacting Gilles (Lemon) about this, and I’ll see if he’ll answer.

One Response to “Lemon Gameboy Music Tracker”

  1. Lemon says:

    Hi there :)
    I stumble on your page while searching some info about gameboy, and it was a pleasant surprise to see that I’m not the only one still loving his gameboy :D
    lmn (aka Zoltar from Atz…)

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