Nerd arts (The man, his blog and his arts)

November 28th, 2007

I recently became an editor of, a blog for nerdcore stuff. That’s what I do when I’m not blogging here. My most recent post there is a little rant about the two “Chip music is dead” compilations ( floating around the intarwebz. Instead of duplicating the post here, I’ll simply link to it.

Jeremiah is not only the creator of the nerdarts blog, but also a painter. He paints mostly on oil paintings, (<- Please correct me if I'm wrong about that) and many of his paintings have a video game or other pop cultural theme. Or Pop surrealism, as he puts it.
If I hade the money, I’d buy some of his paintings straight away. Yes, this is an official order from me, go and buy his art!
He has an art blog and a store on etsy, with the items currently for sale. Check it out.

One little OCD-ish thought is that I think that his art blog would be better off on the domain and the blog currently on would be better off on

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