Backseat vinyls are for jazz musicians!

December 20th, 2007

I won’t be on the V4 of the noise vinyl. The full story may follow, but instead I decided to treat myself to some delicious wax from backseat recordings. What I have here is three vinyls from Mortimer T, (Lukas Nystrand, my favourite MOD musician) Orlingo and Willbe, all three are talented Amiga tracker musicians who produce moodful jazzy mods.
If you want to have your own copy of these fresh things (Who wouldn’t?) you can order your own copies at They’re a small label, and they need all the support they can to be able to do future releases. (Maybe one day, I’ll release there too, who knows)

Mortimer T - Ageema Blues (Gray vinyl)
Mortima T
Side A: Ageema Blues
Side B: Street Beat

Orlingo - One Time Too Much (Orange semi-transparent vinyl)
Side A: One time too much
Side B: So Damn Fresh


Willbe - Monsieur B (Green vinyl)
Side A: Monsieur B
Side B: Match


Also take a close look at Orlingo’s disc. (The orange one) Do you see that it’s semi-transparent? ^_^

Oh, I almost forgot. In the envelope, there was also two stickers:
Willbe - Monsieur B (Green vinyl)
The URL says which is a netradio for netlabel music.
Speaking of which… Lukas also released a song by that name. It’s available here along with the rest of his mods.

2 Responses to “Backseat vinyls are for jazz musicians!”

  1. 486 says:

    oh man! these were out since 2003! wtf! that is so cool.. i remember being blow away by Mortimer Twang’s style well over a decade ago! I think “Street Beat” was first out for mono in like ‘95? He was one of my all time tops! It’s so cool the these tracks have been cut to plastic! I am going to score the current releases.. hope it is not a small fortune to ship to portland!

    thanks for the nice pictures of those groovy groove platers!

  2. Backseat Recordings says:

    I left some Backseat wax at 360Vinyl in Portland. They’re on 214 SW 8th ave nowadays.

    I see I missed out on the 8bit night @ The Hush while being in Portland. Could’ve brought you a copy:)

    Frank Keijzers

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