March 2nd, 2008

Quote of the day (or night) from #8bc.

04:48 < nitro2k01> Not only that! You imploded the universe!
04:48 < xulthis> well hold on there
04:48  * IAYD is a destroyer of internets and universes
04:48 < xulthis> dividing by zero does nothing technically
04:49 < xulthis> think about this
04:49 < nitro2k01> Oh the lawyer in you has come out
04:49 < xulthis> you have a pizza and divide it between zero people
04:49 < xulthis> the pizza remains, but theres nobody to eat it
04:49 < xulthis> dividing by zero SHOULD technically be the quanity
                 you started with
04:49 < xulthis> and dividing by zero simply does nothing
04:50 < xulthis> it’s no different than adding or subtracting zero
04:50 < xulthis> but
04:50 < xulthis> math fruitcakes will always argue that’s it

3 Responses to “1/0=1”

  1. Python says:

    If 0 is nothing then division by zero would be seeing how many nothings in something which would be none as there is something? Mail me if you have a reply at hamish_fowler-A-t-yahoo.co.uk

  2. nitro2k01 says:

    Haha, it was an internal joke that got out of hand. :D :D

  3. Python says:


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