CDK jokes

March 16th, 2008
03:31 < xulthis> probably the best description
03:31 < xulthis> would be “erotic clam”
03:31 < yujie> Oyster with a Penis, that’d be a great band name!
03:31 <@nitro2k01> The “erotic clam down kidder”
03:31 < xulthis> hahaha
03:31 < xulthis> clamdownkidder? it’s catchy. i like
03:31 < yujie> nitro2k01: you’re just full of cdk jokes aren’t you?
03:32 < yujie> ;)
03:32 < xulthis> he’s been waiting for this opportunity yuj!
03:32 <@nitro2k01> yujie: cdk?
03:32 <@nitro2k01> Oh
03:32 < CalmDownKidder> When I start my next venture - chiptune
                        themed fish restaurant, I will
                        call it “ClamDown Kidder”
03:32 <@nitro2k01> First I thought you meant xkcd
03:32 < xulthis> oh man. next time you’re waiting for a
                        table at red lobster
03:33 < xulthis> give them the name “clamdownkidder”
03:33 < CalmDownKidder> “Clam Down Kidder - serving you Fish…
                        AND CHIPS”

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