Freaky military robot

March 21st, 2008

This beast is called the BigDog quadruped robot, and is a walking robot meant for military purposes.
Now, the incredible thing isn’t that it is a walking robot, walking robots have existed at least for a decade. The incredible thing is the extreme precision at which it handles balance. That is what makes it seem so alive.
But I admit, it feels kind of freaky with that noise (Which sounds like a cry) and the two “horns” (Which are probably accelerometers)

2 Responses to “Freaky military robot”

  1. nightwheel says:

    It sounds like a Fly buzzing. And from the front, It kinda looks like a fly too. I have to admit thought, that pretty cool robot.

  2. Shakespeare says:

    How is this a hack? It’s a robot. Nothing was modded.

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