More Broccoli!

May 6th, 2008

Back once again with the IRC quotes. Do watch the video!
On a related note, I think a part of the Bee March melody resembles the classic Super Mario melody. Ok, it’s only a couple of notes, but I’m still wondering if that might be where Koji Kondo got his original spark of inspiration from… We might never know!

18:31 -!- CalmDownKidder []
          has joined #8bc
18:31 < _2tronik01> An
                    ocarina made from broccoli!!?!?!?!
18:32 <@Dauragon> :O
18:32 <@Dauragon> oh shit son
18:32 <@Dauragon> its CalmDownKidder
18:32 < CalmDownKidder> where?
18:32 < Inkoddi> I made a whistle from a carrot once
18:32  * CalmDownKidder looks around
18:34 < CalmDownKidder> a cucumber, when inserted into a person’s
                        bottom can produce all sorts of spectrums of
18:34 <@Dauragon> D:
18:35 < Inkoddi> broccoli is perfect for instrument making
18:35 < Inkoddi> since it is really dense
18:35 < Inkoddi> and quite hard
18:35 <+herr_prof> and has natural rythm
18:36 < CalmDownKidder> The “more cowbell” sketch was originally
                        “more broccoli”

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