Two new blogs

September 4th, 2008

Veqtor's modular synthesis blog blog Boorch's circuit bending blog

Here are two new blogs I’d like to recommend.
1) Veqtor’s blog. This is the blog of Veqtor, founder of his and my common project OXO Unlimited. It’s a blog about IDM and his quest to build a modular synthesizer. I’m making an appearance in the second post where I’m helping him build a Steiner filter and a passive ring modulator. :)
2) Boorch’s DIY & Circuit Bending Garbage. (Also see his Youtube channel) Based in Istanbul, Burç Tuncer is one of the few Turkish people into lo-fi culture. (Or maybe I’ve just looked in the wrong places?) I’ve been watching him for a while, he’s been involved in a number of band projects, and I think he’s has a bright future awaiting him.

Oh, and a shout out to GammaGoblin. Thanks for the comment. Moar posts will hopefully come soon. :)

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  1. γgoblin says:

    Yeah! Bring on the moar! Have you got any more blogs I could be reading? I’m your number one fan lol

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