Yet another reason why Japan is awesome…

September 14th, 2008

This just in, the Japanese magazine 大人の科学 (Otona no Kagaku, meaning Science for Adults) attached to the magazine, not just a PCB, but a complete synthesizer kit, including a front panel. The synth, Gakken Analog Synthesizer SX-150, is a simple stylophone-like thing with a resonant filter (With only an on/off resonance setting :D ) an envelope and and an LFO.

Sometimes magazines will give you a PCB. A couple of years ago, for example, the Swedish computer magazine Datormagazin attached a PCB where you would solder 8 or 16 LEDs onto in an arc shape, resembling a speed meter. The whole thing would be controlled with a PIC chip via the serial port. The electronic magazine Elektor frequently attach a PCB’s for simple projects too.

But here we have a somewhat complete DIY synthesizer kit, that just begs to be modded. The reason why Otona no Kagaku is doing this in the first place is because they are doing a synthesizer chronicle special issue. This is issue is a it more expensive than a usual magazine, priced at 3360 Yen (Abut US$30) It may be ordered online from their homepage but sadly enough only inside Japan.

Below is a video made by MakeZine. I’m noticing two things:
1) It sounds really durty and groovy.
2) The guy who made the video is called Collin Cunningham. I wonder if he’s related to Chris Cunningham. You know, the guy who directed the videos for all time classics like Come to Daddy and Windowlicker.

SX-150 button mod from Collin Cunningham on Vimeo.

Through Trash_Audio and MakeZine.

Another reason why Japan is awesome: The Automatic Mario Music Video!

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  1. Gamma Goblin says:

    Look! Look! Look!

    Heehee :) Me thinky I will get one (even though me no little Japanesa, and instructions all in the funny squiggle language)

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