Jeskola Buzz Beta version released after a decade!

September 16th, 2008

Jeskola Buzz is a music tracker that has been abandoned for about a decade but has had a hardcore fan base which has hacked and reverse-engineered the software to make it usable. The reason it was abandoned was because the creator’s hard drive crashed, and all Buzz source code files with it. Jeff Jeskola (That’s not his real name, but I pretend it is) has left this notice on the front page:

I'm currently trying to reconstruct Buzz from the older backups I have. The
latest partial backup is from about 6 months before the crash. Unfortunately a
lot of important stuff was implemented after that, which is why I didn't try to
do this earlier.

See the changelog for current status. The biggest features that are missing are:

  • SampleIO support (SF2 loading in wavetable)
  • Aux bus
  • Built-in machines, most importantly the mixer

Hopefully the final JB version will be stable enough to use. If so I’ll start using it. (again) I’ve tried previously, but I’ve been too lazy to deal with all the bugs and quirks in the software.

Check it out here:
Red Pill: According to the dirlist the files were last updated 4 days ago, and hopefully the development will keep up!
Blue Pill: Download the old versions of the softwares, and accompanying hack and plugs.

3 Responses to “Jeskola Buzz Beta version released after a decade!”

  1. ross says:

    wow thanks for this. i was just joking the other day that this would never happen. nice to be proven wrong!

  2. freezedream says:

    Awesome! It’s about time too! Really appreciate this. Thanks Oskari!

  3. γgoblin says:

    I might actually get into it again. I never got very far with creating music with the older version, but I was obsessed with listening to music other people created with it.

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