Vote for CombatDave’s Reckoner remix!

September 25th, 2008

Radiohead Reckoner RemixRadiohead has a remix contest. CombatDave made an awesome chip remix of it. You need to vote for it by clicking the + sign. (You won’t be sorry if you click the play button first though. ;) )

From #8bc:

02:18 < combatdave>
02:18 <@Dauragon> woot
02:18 < combatdave> guys PLEASE vote for
02:18 < combatdave> and get your mums and
                    sisters and aunties and
                    dogs to vote too
02:18 <@Dauragon> i wont if it SUCKS
02:19 <@Dauragon> aw man dave this is SAWEEEEEET

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