Possible fashion trend for 2009: Circuit bent clothes??!?

October 14th, 2008

I found this during my random internet excursion:

Conductive fabric

Now what is that? Conductive fabric, which enables you to detect when your hand is near a certain of the fabric. The orange piece of fabric works as a ground plane, and the gold coloured patterns are used to detect capacitance. When you hold your hand near a certain area, the capacitance goes up which can be detected by the microchip on the breadboard.
So, what about using this for wearable circuit bent toys? Just a random thought, and you’d have to make sure the bent toy doesn’t catch fire. Here’s a post on theme wearable audio. (From the exhibition Electroacoustic Sculptures by Benoît Maubrey)

Some other random posts from that blog:
GypsyMIDI controller - And then the wii-mote came along…
Cyberpunk Comic for PSP - Gotta check this one out.
Japanese Cyber Girl - Not from Akiba, but from Nippombashi, where the Osaka otaku hang around!

Or check all their tech art posts or check the front page.

New tune: nitro2k01 - dynamite drug diamond

October 13th, 2008

This is a rushed and unfinished piece for the OHC (One Hour Compo) “Colossal Failure” over at BotB (Battle of the Bits) Maybe I’ll clean it up and finish it some day.

Click to play

Swedish Fish Commercial 2008

October 11th, 2008

Swedish Fish. A friend you can eat!


Eight great ways to sync your boys

October 10th, 2008

Sebastian Tomczak of GameboyAustralia and Milkcrate has posted a guide comparing eight ways of synchronizing Gameboys running LSDj and Nanoloop to each other and other gear for music production.

Link: So, you want to sync your Game Boy, huh?

Dubmood live @ Kafé 44 - 081004

October 7th, 2008

Two days, (081003 and 081004) three great artists, (GOTO80, Crazy Q and Dubmood) three video portals… (Eww-tube, Google Video and Vimeo)
Now it’s time for the 3rd video upload in short period of time. This video is of Dubmood, who played right after Crazy Q. Dubmood’s new flavour is rave-ier than before. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Meneo - Papi (dubmood remix) + Eminem - without me (Dubmoods dirty1200 mashmix)

Watch part 1 on Vimeo

Part 2 - concertintro + Dubmood - Traverse de RN85 (Dubmood vs Facteur remix)

Watch part 2 on Vimeo

Crazy Q live @ Kafé 44 - 081004

October 6th, 2008

Another chip liveet coming up!

Here’s a video from Crazy Q’s gig at Kafé 44, Stockholm, October 4th 2008. There’s some heavy rocking Atari bass in there! Please note that this a raw version without any editing, so it’s about 1 hour long.

Watch on Google Video

GOTO80 & Skuggan - Out Of Spit (SVT Rampljuset 081003)

October 6th, 2008

GOTO80 playing live in a kid’s show called Rampljuset. (Literally translates into “The Limelight”) The objective of the show is to let four artists perform. The kids have “no” buttons, much like the idol in Idol. When 50% of the audience has pressed no, the lights go out, and the the artist performing iss out of the show.
Watch out for the lettuce man!!

Watch on Youtube
Download from TPB (This version contains more of the clip)

Imma chargin mah lazer! Imma firin mah lazer!

October 6th, 2008

Ima charging it!

Ima firing it!

Inspired by om nom nom on Faces in Places. Original source: chrismear’s flickr.

The best anti-spam plugin for Wordpress!

October 5th, 2008

xkcd strip illustrating the concept of doing something wrong.

Most anti-spam scripts today are based on IP blacklists, word blacklists or a combination of the two. When this blog was still young, I had a spam problem, like most people. First I made my own spam filter based on a series of common spam words like, viagra, cialis and so on. it worked badly, and soon I started to get more spam using non-blacklisted words. So I tried to think about a more general way of distinguishing a spambot from a human.

The answer was pretty simple. A real human will probably use a real web browser with Javascript enabled. So I wrote a small piece of obfuscated Javascript which a spambot will have absolutely no chance of emulating. The result was a completely spam free blog!
The other day I actually found Wordpress plugin based on the same idea. That plugin is called Hashcash and looks promising. My own script is very crude. It’s not a proper WP plugin, it doesn’t log any acitivity, and it just removes the spam rather than saving it for analysis at a later point. Hashcash has all these features though. The disadvantages with this kind of spam protection is
1) that the user needs to have Javascript enabled and working
2) that it won’t filter manual spam. (Ie people in poor countries hired to post spam) But I have a treat for them!
But if you want the best possible spam protection, choose Hashcash!

For this blog I’ll stick with my own script, since it does its job. However, the next time I start a blog, I’ll go for Hascash. This will actually happen pretty soon, since I’m planning to revive Packets of Knowledge, a blog where I post random computer related tips and tricks for noobs and experts alike.

“It’s a split, a little heavier towards Obama”

October 3rd, 2008

That’s “Fair and Balanced” news for you. It’s good that “Fair and Balanced” is just a trademark, otherwise you could take it for the truth.
In this clip, Fox News reporter Brian Wilson calls nearly unanimous vote for Obama “a split”. Notice the man whose wife pulls his arm down when Wilson asks for McCain votes. (Visible around 0:12, thanks Veqtor for noticing.) Also note that the only hand on screen that’s raised in favur for McCain, actually belongs to Wilson himself! Look to the far right of the screen, only his hand is visible in that instant.