MTVE fined for airing uncensored version of “Windowlicker”

November 24th, 2008

MTV Networks Europe was fined £255,000 (US$484,500 = €385,000 = 18,411,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars) for playing the uncensored version of the 1999 video “Windowlicker” before the 9PM timeslot. It’s unknown how it happened, but I bet someone has or will get fired for it.
The video is a parody of pimped out hiphop videos and contains a high amount of profanity and possibly disturbing imagery. The video was directed by the genius Chris Cunningham and was nominated for the “Best Video” award at the BRIT Awards 2000. If you haven’t watched it before, do it right now!

Through watmm

If you’re completely unfamiliar with Aphex Twin, the cover art for the single should give you an idea about his twisted (and beautiful) mind:

J'aime faire de croquettes aux chiens

Oh, and if anyone knows where the phrase “J’aime faire de croquettes aux chiens” comes from originally, please tell me!

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