Cadsoft Eagle libraries for synth makers

December 12th, 2008

When looking for an Eagle library containing the transconductance op amp CA3080 for a little thing i’m building, I found synthdiy.lbr which is library containing a number of useful chip layouts. Eg, 2SA798, 2SA1349, 2SC1583, 2SC3381, AD633, CA3046, CA3080, CA3280, IT120, LM394, LM2931, LM4040, LM13600, LM13700, LS318, LT1013,

Might be useful to someone.

3 Responses to “Cadsoft Eagle libraries for synth makers”

  1. Justin says:

    Wow! Sure was useful to me-I’ve been looking for these for a long time-thanks again!!!

  2. Peter B says:

    these symbols are most useful… many thanks.

  3. Ryan says:

    Wow! Thanks a lot! I’m particularly interested in the CA3046 transistor array packages.
    I’m glad I looked for this library instead of making my own!

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