Friday the 13th… again?

March 13th, 2009

The superstitious might have noticed that we’ve had a Friday 13th last month too. Coincidence? Not at all! It so happens to be that February and March always have the same distribution of weekdays. (Except for leap years) This is so because February has 28 days - exactly 4 weeks. So if February the 1st is a Sunday, like this year, March the 1st will be too. The same goes for the other days up to the 28th. Again, this does not apply to leap years - February 1st, 2008 was a Friday, but because of the added day, March 1st 2008 was a Saturday.

OMG! They stole nonfinite’s logo!

March 10th, 2009

nordic Light hotel, Stockholm Central

nordic Light hotel, Stockholm Central

I spotted this when I passed by the central station in Stockholm. Except for the tacky capitalization, I also noted that the logo is very familiar indeed… It’s almost identical to nonfinite’s logo before he flipped the n back to normal. And he changed his logo about the same time as the hotel introduced their logo. Something for the conspiracy theorists out there?

Pluto Radio Jingle

March 8th, 2009

In 2007 I took part in the Swedish radio show Pluto as an organizer of Microdisko. I was asked to do a jingle for the show… I did, but appparantly I never sent it to them, but today I found it again. So why not bounce it and post it for public scrutiny? :)

Pluto Radio Jingle  by  nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

It’s nothing special really. All sounds (except vioces) are actually made with a Gameboy using LSDj, although it might not be very apparent due to the large amount of effects applied to it. I applied all effects in Audition 1.5, which is what I’m still using because I just can’t get used to the newer versions.

Keep it looping - Gail Trimble

March 8th, 2009

This started off as a joke, and still is. Gamma Goblin, who has a secret crush on Gail Trimble, University Challenge mastermind, took a picture of her when the show was airing. That picture ended up on a Facebook Gail Trimble hater group. BBC picked it up and broadcasted it on the news. Gmma Goblin took a screenshot. I took a photo of his screenshot. He made a video zooming out from pixels up to the view of his screen.
All while Corpus Christi, Gail’s team in the contest, got disqualified. The circle is closed. And it just keeps looping.