Veqtor - Retrospective EP (IDM)

June 9th, 2009

Veqtor - Retrospective (Cover)

Retrospective EP is the latest release from my friend, and the founder of the OXO Unlimited label, Veqtor. It’s an album filled with drills and ambiences. The overall setting is pretty dark, despite the first action packed jazzy track, Tanuki Jingle. 3-Aulien Caexf-9 is the sound of nitrous oxide. You’re tumbling back and forth and you’re going nowhere in the same time as you’re going everywhere. (If you’ve tried it you know what I’m talking about) Pecking F-key is a breakcore track which I actually tracked small parts of and which is using my Ubertone synth. (Which is a Reaktor synt that I made, that lets you set the ratio of the overtones of the synthesized sound)

For ambient tracks I use this as a litmus test: If they can make me confused about whether a certain sound that I’m hearing is part of the music or from the outside world, it’s probably ambient enough. Snowflakes passed this test when someone down on the street whistled and I wasn’t sure if the sound was part of the song. This track, too, has that slightly sweet smell of nitrous.

What I appreciate the most about this EP is the attention to detail, both in composition and sound design. (The two are really indistinguishable at some point, with this kind of music)

Seb, you ought to check this out. Gamma, you might want to, too.

Download it here

3 Responses to “Veqtor - Retrospective EP (IDM)”

  1. Mr Tomczak says:

    Downloading now.

  2. Gammag Oblin says:

    Track 1 is the shit, I could listen to that all day, so it’s short length makes it quite ironic.

    I put snowflake on and forgot I was listening to it, it just kinda melted into my synapses. That kind of reaction always gets 2 thumbs up from me (it could be causing an involuntary motor neuron response though, maybe I’ll tell the doctor tomorrow about it).


  3. Mr Tomczak says:

    I have to say that this is an amazing download, thanks for sharing

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