zMashup (Homemade beat masher audio sample)

October 24th, 2009

zMashup by nitro2k01(Gameboy Genius)

I’m testing out a beat masher that I’m building in Reaktor. Everything you hear is algorithmically and/or randomly composed, although the parameters could of course be controlled via the keyboard. The actual masher can do rearrangement, instant repeat, reverse and high pass. For extra complexity, the masher is controlling three breaks simultaneously, which it fades between with different positions for the left and right channel.
The melody is played by Subharmonic’s default patch. The notes are randomized white keys. (White keys are lame, I know)
Now I just need to make the auto-masher vary the sound more over time.

2 Responses to “zMashup (Homemade beat masher audio sample)”

  1. Mute says:

    Nice work. Keep us updated and some more details would be great.


  2. nitro2k01 says:

    The reason it’s automatic in the first place is actually so I could program and debug the core cell without having to push keys all the time to test stuff. In the final version (Final, yeah right, as if I finish anything) the effects will be controlled by keyboard instead of chance. The audio is also slightly lower fi than the original sample audio, which I’ll have to fix. At that point I might find it suitable to release this thing to the public.
    And right now it using the Sample Lookup module, which is only for pre-sampled material. I’m planning to add support for using this thing as an effect to mash any audio.
    Also watch out for a possible upcoming post about a neat Reaktor instrument made by Trash80.

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