Modules #2 and #3: An ADSR envelope and as XR-VCO

January 25th, 2011

Here’s an update, without a big write-up yet. I’ve added two modules to my panel.
1) An ADSR envelope. In itself a pretty boring video, but you can only do so much with a VCO, an ADSR and a bench-top sine generator without a voltage-controllable frequency.

2) The XR-VCO. This is where it gets interesting.
XR-VCO - Cross-modulations (Lots of annotations explaining what’s going on.)

XR-VCO - Sync+linear FM. (No annotations explaining what’s going on yet, but some phat sounds.)

I’ve also added another panel with 4 straight tele <-> banana converters (no buffering or level-shifting or anything) and a power module, so I can use a regular AC adapter to power the thing, rather than a bench-top power supply. I’ll post pictures and a write-up of the build later.

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