June 22nd, 2007

I’ve only recently started watching animé. (~end of 2006-beginning of 2007) This is a list of animés I’ve watched, am watching and plan to watch. If you have suggestions, tell me.

A good source for new animé is scarywater. It’s a tracker that, as far as I’ve understood, only indexes torrents for material that has not been licensed in the US of A. They (generally) offer both raw and subbed versions of the material.

Edit: The below list is outdated. For a more current list of my animé, please see my anime-planet profile.

  • Watching

    • Death Note (Subs: Various, mostly Live-Evil, then Kuro-Hana when they started subbing it) The story of a bored but brilliant student who gets a hold of a note book that kills people if you write their name in it, but gets a god complex. In my opinion a well produced captivating animé, but sometimes it needs a bit of patience.
      Seen: episodes 1-36 (Of 37)
    • Dennou Coil (A circle of children) (Subs: Ureshii) This is actually a children’s animé, but it has a sort of serious tone to it, which I like. The story is about the virtual world of a city, and the secrets surrounding it, and also the competition between the groups of children.
      I wish children’s shows made outside of Japan could have a more cyberpunkesque feeling without getting too violent or silly. (or maybe I just don’t keep track of enough children’s shows… :D )
      Seen: episodes 1-5 (of ???)
  • Finished

    • Neon Genesis Evangelion (Subs: I have forgotten d: ) The first complete animé I saw. To me it’s a masterpiece and must see for anyone into animé. What I liked beyond all with it was its ability to induce feelings in me.
    • Elfen Lied (Subs: Animé-fin) Likewise a very artistic animé, which also had the ability to induce feelings in me.
    • Battle Programmer Shirase (Subs: Animé Influx) A geeky animé about the super hacker who can hack anything, but needs a life according to his surroundings. Amusing but filled with clichés. (Might just be a sign of the time it was produced in though)
  • Planned

    • Sola (Subs: Ureshii)
      All I know about it so far is what I’ve read in this blog post. It sounds interesting, and I’ve downloaded the first couple of episodes, which I intend to watch sometime soon.
    • Ghost in the Shell A classic, or so they say. Cyberpunk style-something. I should try to watch it when I have some time over. I’ve watched one episode, and I’m a bit reluctant to it. Maybe it’s because I watched it right after finishing Evangelion, and was in the wrong mood.
  • Abandoned

    • Monster (Subs: Soldats) This animé has a soap opera like character. I don’t know why it caught me, but it did for maybe 20-25 episodes. Bloody waste of time, but I still have some sort of urge to finish it. (But I probably never will)
    • Kenichi (Subs: Kuro-Hana) About a boy’s quest to become a great fighter, or something like that. Didn’t bother to watch even one episode to the end.

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  2. ale/pepino says:

    Same here about BPS and Monster!

  3. Gameboy Genius » Blog Archive » Dennou Coil 21 says:

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  4. Sebastian Tomczak says:

    Did you ever end up watching Ergo Proxy or Rah Xephon? I finished Rax Xephon, and I highly enjoyed it. I am about half way through Ergo Proxy and it has caught my attention as well.

  5. nitro2k01 says:

    The list outdated. Check the link I posted above.

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