November 23rd, 2007

If you like what I write and what I do, (or just LittleFM…) you may consider giving a donation using the PayPal button below. Please choose the main currency used in your own account to avoid currency exchange fees. If your currency isn’t listed below, choose USD or Euros. Note that this is a donation and not a purchase, and doesn’t guarantee that you will get anything in return.

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3 Responses to “Donate”

  1. Gameboy Genius » Blog Archive » Public release of LittleFM 0.4 says:

    [...] fallen in love with LittleFM and you want to see the it evolve, you can encourage me by donating a dollar or three so I can keep my caffeine level high at all times. All donations of $2 or higher will be credited [...]

  2. reiyano says:

    give me some time. I have no moneys till the 1st.

  3. Rei Yano says:

    I know it is not much but I hope it helps. Grab a coffee on me :)

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