The mandatory first post

April 7th, 2007

It took me a while to start this blog. I have a couple of abandoned blog behind me, and I hope this one will persist. This one is supposed to be my personal blog about things like my musical interest and my technical interest in Gameboys, my interest in circuit bending and other experimental arts. And not to forget my newfound interest in Animé.

Whenever I feel like I will put a little information about me, a discography, maybe some pictures, more links, you get the point. But right now I feel tired, and will go to bed soon.

I will take this opportunity to thank these people for their support:

  • Jose Torres of for letting me use this sudomain.
  • Sebastian K of nic-nac-project, for the hosting and the shell account. (You can get one too, at the cost of a postcard and a stamp, just follow the instructions at the page!)
  • Mattias Wirf of XODA, for releasing this template under a CC-Share Alike license. (The only change I’ve done to it is adding my Gameboy to background, and the modified theme is licensed under the same license, and you may use the image given that you credit XODA and me for it)

That’s all for now, over and out!

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