Prophet64 GET

June 11th, 2007

I’ve finally decided to make it happen. I have a C64 (Breadbox) that I haven’t been using much, mostly due to the lack of a diskette drive, and in turn software.
I saw this page, featuring a load of tasty mods for the thing. (Mainly audio mods)

Here’s what his C64 looked like when he was done with it:

Doesn’t that just look fabulous? However, myself, I’m planning to paint upper part pink, and the lower, probably black. Ugly you may think, but I think it’ll look… fresh in some way.

I also found this project, SwinSID which is a somewhat compatible SID clone, which I think sounds pretty good. A perfect combination would be to have one SID (To get the raw rough sound) and one SwinSID (To get some smooth wave forms) one a SID2SID. (A little cirucit board that lets you use two SIDs in one C64) I just wonder if SwinSID will work with SID2SID. I have yet to find out!

Anyway, being exposed to both these cool C64 mods within a matter of days, I have finally decided to get Prophet64.

Stay tuned for my report about it later on!

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