New anti-spam technique implemented

July 8th, 2007

I hate spam, and if you’ve been following this blog you might’ve noticed that it has been 100% spam free. This is because I’ve set WordPress to require confirmation from me before posting anything. However, after a while I totally drowned in spam. So I made a dictionary of common words used in the spam I got, and hard blocked these comments. It worked fine for a while, and I kept adding phrases to the dictionary. But then after a while it got out of hand.

So now I’m using a second anti-spam technique based on Javascript. I’m actually so confident it will work well that I have turned off the word filtering and e-mail confirmation for now. (Posts with more than two links in them still require confirmation by me though) If any spam gets through I’ll re-activate one or both of the other methods in conjunction with the new one.

The system works by running a very obfuscated piece of javascript that creates new form elements and also renames (Changes the name property) of existing ones.

The downside with the current system is that users browsing the web with Javscript turned off won’t be able to leave comments, but in the end I think it’s a good tradeoff.

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